Master Blaster Praises CBSE Decision : Mandatory Daily Sports Period in Schools

 In a recent move, it was observed Sachin applauded the new policy of CBSE mandating daily sports period for the Students from 9th to 12th and asked the board to extend it to all classes. The new guidelines which have been put forward by board prevent the students to have a desk-bound lifestyle turning out to be Couch potatoes, merely standing throughout the day. As we all are aware that the Obesity problems are increasing rapidly in our nation and India stood at No. 3, unfortunately, it’s a just another matter to be worried about.

To tackle all these, it is necessary to grow the seeds of sportsmanship from the school days itself so as to bring a good overall personality of a student. He further added,”Sports Culture should be encouraged in the schools”. CBSE’s decision to reserve one period every day for health and physical education is indeed a right move in that direction. However, there is certainly more that can be done with this initiative by extending it to children of all age-groups.

The board has prepared a Manual highlighting sports guidelines for schools between classes 9 to 12 and practical methods to implement them at the school level. This would ensure maximum participation in co-curricular activities, in turn developing sports traits, future of our country.

According to the new guidelines focused on mainstreaming health and physical education, it will be mandatory for schools to have a “sports” period daily. During this period students will move to the playground and are free to perform any physical activity according to their choices and are being graded on that basis. This move will help to generate interest in sports and real caliber of a student is also highlighted. The board had in March asked all schools to reserve one period for “Health and Physical Education (HPE)” while preparing their timetable for the 2018-19 session.

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Santwona Patnaik May 19, 2018 at 12:17 am

Considering the kids’ fascination for gadgets and video games these days, a daily sports period in schools is such a welcome relief!

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