Know to protect kids from dehydration

Dehydration means that children’s body system does not have enough liquid. Dehydration can result from vomiting, diarrhoea, not drinking enough liquids or any combination of these circumstances. Rarely, sweating too much or peeing too much can cause dehydration. Babies and young children are much more likely to become dried than teenagers or adults because they can lose relatively more liquid quickly.
When it’s hot out and your children are active there are a few key things you need to know about keeping young children healthy and hydrated this summer. The Indian summer is rather severe and can take a heavy cost on the people. When it comes to children extra bit of care is required.

Juicy Fruits and veggies For Your Kids

How to secure children from dehydration should be the main objective as the little ones may suffer a lot due to the heat.

Avoid Outside Play In The Afternoon

When vacations begin the first thing in the mind of children is play. Friends from the neighbourhood get together for a game of cricket or football, cycling rounds or a very simple hide and seek. When all this goes on is the afternoon sun your children are at a chance of dehydrating themselves. To prevent such circumstances prevent outdoor activities in the afternoon and then create indoor activities interesting.
Give Water To Bring To Play Area
Getting children to stay indoors can be a challenging task. With ample amount of time, no kid would like to be bound within the house. But on your part, you need to know ways to secure children from dehydration and take appropriate steps. Provide your kid with bottled water to carry to the play area so that he or she can take water breaks. Also, before letting the kid go out ensure that he or she has water.

Encourage Water Rich Fruits and veggies

Summer time also recognises the advancement water-rich fruits like melons and musk melons. Cucumber is also full of moisture in the extreme summer days. Include lots of fruits and salads in the diet to prevent the loss water from the little bodies.

Make Up For Lost Body Salt

How to secure children from dehydration from the summer heat? Make up for the lost body salts by including glucose drinks which also contain essential water. There are many approved premixed powder available over the counter which satisfies the requirements. You can also provide the exciting lemonade with a pinch of salt per glass.
Dehydration places children at a threat for serious circumstances, like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be debilitating if neglected. But dehydration is completely avoidable as long as children drink enough of the right kinds of liquids.

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