Everything you need to know about Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment

Are you fed up with your frizzy hair and looking for a solution? Well, then you should definitely try Keratin Treatment. In this post, you can learn more about this treatment, its significance and its application. So settle down and read!

Undoubtedly, good hair lets one stand out from the rest and be a reason for others to envy. However, being stuck in the whirlpool of daily chores, those beautiful locks seem to wear out and get frizzy. Furthermore, lack of hair care regime makes us prey to major hair problems such as hair fall, breakage, and scalp irritation. So what’s the solution? It’s Keratin Treatment!

A Keratin Treatment nourishes the hair from within. It reduces frizz, makes the hair voluminous, increases glossiness and facilitates in keeping hair strands nourished. Let’s find out more about this perfect hair treatment.

Keratin Treatment: A Complete Guide

Let’s find out about keratin treatment, its benefits and usages.

What is a keratin treatment?

Before we jump into Keratin treatment, let’s take a step back and understand about keratin. Basically, keratin is a specific type of protein that is responsible for the formation of your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin traces are present in our internal organs. It is a form of protective protein, and it is least prone to irritation or tearing than any other cell in our body. When our body witness deficiency of keratin, hair problems and other problems become prominent. This is where keratin treatment comes into play. In this process, keratin is added to the hair through artificial means.

Every day, our hairs are exposed to harmful chemicals, pollution and malicious substances. It causes an increase in the overall porosity of hair. Hence, hair tends to tangle or become frizzy. With keratin treatments, the lost protein is rejuvenated back to the hair thereby providing them with a healthier look.

In simple words, Keratin treatment is a form of hair treatment that aims at nourishing hair strands so that they appear straighter, smoother, and they are much easier to style. Furthermore, certain hairstyles tend to have a curlier look when compared to others. If one prefers a straighter look over curls, then a keratin treatment is the best solution.

Benefits of getting a keratin treatment

Keratin treatment has become a buzz across the globe owing to its endless benefits. The therapy works down on cells that overlap to form our hair and then it smoothen them. In this way, it gives a straighter and shinier look to the hair. The cells that overlap to create our hair strands are referred to as hair cuticles. These hair cuticles absorb keratin, thereby making the hair glossier and resulting in healthier hair at the ends.

Although keratin treatment is quite effective, one must be aware that the results vary depending on your hair thickness and the keratin used. However, one can be assured of healthier hair that is free from frizz and easy to style.

Side effects of getting a keratin treatment

The conventional keratin treatments used active substances like formaldehyde. Due to the presence of formaldehyde in large amounts, many salons reported cases of nosebleeds and various respiratory problems among the employees who inhaled the fumes from the products due to repeated usage over extended periods. The formaldehyde levels exceeded the national chemical usage safety levels by over five times the stated amount. That is why the people who have respiratory problems or any allergies related to formaldehyde must refrain from this treatment. Pregnant women are also advised to refrain from Keratin treatment.

Cost of keratin treatment

The popularity of keratin treatments has increased massively over the past few years, leading to a spike in its price. The price of keratin treatments varies greatly from salon to salon and the quality of the product used. One can find treatments that cost a whopping $800 and sometimes it can go low as $300. But in recent days, various at-home treatment kits have been made available to the public. Although they aren’t much recommended, these cheap kits cost hardly $50 and are available at your nearest pharmaceutical store.

What do you need to do post keratin treatment?

The duration to which the effects of this treatment last clearly depends on how you continue to look after your hair after getting the treatment. Typically, the treatment lasts around two to three months. Specific keratin treatment methods require you to avoid washing or tying your hair for the next 48 hours post the treatment. After this period, it is still advised that one should preferably use sulfate-free shampoos for better and long-lasting effects.

Typically, a mainstream manufacturer’s shampoo contains substantial amounts of sulfate. Since the keratin products are developed in such a way that they don’t counteract the shampoo results, it is advised to use sulfate-free products while washing your hair. However, you can carry on with your usual hair care routine after the treatment, including a day to day or an occasional blowout.

Types of keratin treatments

There are many types of keratin treatments. Some of the popular types are listed below:

1. Brazilian

It is one of the most popular keratin treatments. Brazilian keratin treatment has an edge over others as it does not include the application of formaldehyde. Its natural approach offers a more organic method of nourishing the hair. Brazilian keratin treatment is best suited for people with curls living in regions with high humidity. This treatment aims at removing any frizzy entanglements and straightening the hair while maintaining the volume. In this method, the stylist performs keratin treatment on the hair and continues to blow dry it with a metal-plated round brush. This allows the product to sink into the hair follicles and cuticles allowing maximized benefits. Finally, the hair is straightened with a flat iron brush.

The entire process takes about an hour to complete, while it has long-lasting effects ranging from three to six months. Cocoa and essential oils present in the treatment help nourish the hair shafts and condition the hair properly. At the same time, the keratin works as the protective protein surrounding the shaft. It gives a glossy look while protecting the hair from any damages due to external agents. Brazilian keratin treatment also eases the post hair care routine for people.

2. Soft Keratin Treatment

This form of keratin treatment is well suited for those who tend to have curls or wavy texture in their hair but face trouble in giving those a distinct look without any external agents’ help. Unlike the Brazilian keratin treatment, the soft keratin treatment keeps the curls or waves intact while removing the curly texture from hair. This treatment is also recommended for those who have medium textured hair.

Just like soft keratin treatment, it doesn’t include any form of formaldehyde. Thus, one can avail this treatment without the fear of getting any harmful side effects from its application. In this method, the stylist applies the product across your hair, covering from root to tip and then proceeds to use a blow dryer to let the product sink in. At last, the effects are sealed with the use of a flat ceramic iron. The result is shiny and manageable hair, but the fact is that it doesn’t last longer than two months.

3. Japzilian Keratin

This treatment combines the methods used in traditional Brazilian treatments and Japanese treatments. This procedure is suited for all hair types, and its effects are visible for at least five months longer than any Brazilian treatment. First, the Brazilian keratin treatment is implemented to remove any frizz present. The Japanese treatment is then applied on top, resulting in better effects and no curly hair. This method doesn’t require any form of blow-drying; air drying itself results in a straight finish.

The Brazilian treatment is sealed using a blow dryer and a flat iron while the Japanese procedure is finalized using a straightening perm combed with coarse coated strands. The hair is then left to dry for about an hour, before being rinsed and washed. This method also results in a higher hair volume than a traditional Japanese perm. The overall time required to get this treatment ranges from three to four hours.

4. Keratin Express

This form of treatment is more about providing a manageable look than offering nourishment and long term benefits. This method is well suited for people living in humid areas who have straight or wavy hair that gets frizzy due to the wet conditions. Unlike the other methods, in Keratin express, the product is applied to the hair in a serum form. The stylist then uses a blow dryer to let the product sink in and flat iron to seal in and finalize the treatment. The overall time required to get this treatment is around 45 minutes.

After the procedure, one doesn’t need to spend much time blow drying their hair and have effects that last for a long period; it is advised that one uses a sulfate-free product while washing their hair. One should wash their hair every other day rather than doing it daily so that the effect lasts for a prolonged period. The effect lasts for around six weeks.

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