How To Reduce Stress During Your Menstrual Cycle

One of the hardest things we have to do during our periods, is to “get it together”. Trying to control our emotions, body pain and cramps, cravings and then asking ourselves to act “normal” is a tough ask. Getting stressed during your periods, can worsen your period. Stress affects your flow cycle and causes even more discomfort. But, here are a few ways to reduce stress and irritation during your periods.

Take Things Slow

Understand that you have the choice to take things slow. Resting is a great way for you to deal with the overwhelming effects of your periods. Fatigue is quite natural, so find a way to relax.
Read a book, take a nap, or have a nice warm shower to stay comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid To Leave If You Want To

If you feel weak or sick, don’t force yourself to push through.
Distracting the mind away from pain, is a great tool to help yourself during periods, but if your mind is frustrated or stressed, walk away.
Let yourself have some down-time, like maybe watch your favorite tv series or movie, so that you can relax.
Similarly, if interacting with people seems to annoy you, it’s best to politely say that you want some time alone to yourself, and walk away.

Avoid Eating Junk Food

Cramps make us uncomfortable, but eating excessively salty/sugary food can worsen your cramps. During this week, it’s best to stop grabbing chocolates. Try to find something healthy instead. Also, stay hydrated. Have warm water with ginger.
TIP: Cinnamon is a great spice for reducing cramps, breast pain and mood swings. Wild yams (Ratalu), Bananas and Papayas are also known for helping women during their periods.

Stay Comfortable

Wearing tight clothes or clothes that make you feel cold, is not ideal during your periods. Also, change your pad every 4 hours to stop worrying about stains.

Use Lavender

Using lavender oil on your stomach can reduce pain in less than 30 minutes. Lavender lotion, bath soap, incense or candles are great for mood enhancement as well.

Pamper Yourself

Going for a simple pedicure, or applying a skin care mask, can help in enhancing your mood and therefore, reducing stress. Once you look good, you feel good.
TIP: Avoid hair removal at this time.

Hot Water Bags Are Your Best Friend

Curling up with a heating bag is very helpful in reducing cramps. Did you know? A 2011 study published in Evidence- Based Nursing found that heat applied topically to the body was as effective as consuming painkillers like Ibuprofen, when it came to reducing period cramps.

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