How to Quickly Help Your Eyes

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It has been a long working post-pandemic day. After spending all your day in front of your computer, it is the right time to provide your eyes with some first anti-computer aid. You are tired, and the only thing you want to do is quickly jump to your bed and sleep.

But wait!

Your eyes have served you all day long. Don’t mind spending only one or two more minutes taking care of them. They will thank you for sure.

Below are three quick exercises you can do to relax and restart your vision.

1. The Cup Technique

This exercise would help delete eye floaters and give your vision a dark break. If you don’t know what eye floaters are, don’t worry; you have undoubtedly experienced them. Those are the tiny residual specks you see in your eyes after looking at bright objects, like the Sun or the sky.

You need to place your palms in front of your eye sockets. They would shield any possible source of light, acting as a “cup.” After that, make your eyes look into the darkness for at least half a minute or more. You will witness that those floaters disappear, and your eyes calm down.

2. In the Blink of an Eye

Blinking serves as a congenital mechanism to clean your eyes and restart your vision. Obviously, you don’t need to learn how to blink; that happens automatically. However, it is essential to know that blinking lessens while sitting in front of a screen. For this reason, prolonged exposure to digital screens causes your eyes to hurt as they lack the moist blinking provided.

A technique to implement here would be organizing a blink time! Set the alarm during the day not to forget to blink. When it rings, put everything aside for two minutes and blink every five seconds. When you are in bed, you can set a timer for 1-2 minutes and blink every five seconds again.

3. Focus on It

The focus exercise gained extreme popularity as it is easy to do no matter where you are. It helps to strengthen your eyes muscles, which will result in improved vision. While focusing, you either allow your muscles to loosen as they look far or contract and thicken the eye lens when looking at something much closer.

Hence, you only need two objects: one must be near you, and the other much further, but not too far away. Those objects can be anything you can see around you, for example, a pen at your bedside table and a tree outside your window. First, hold the pen close to your eyes, keeping the distance between 8-10 inches, and focus on it for a couple of seconds. Second, look at the tree and again concentrate on it for a couple of seconds. Do this for 2-3 minutes. You can combine this with deep breathing exercises to calm your body in general.

These three quick and efficient exercises can help your eyes relax and release the tension accumulated during the day. However, if you feel that your eyes continue to hurt, make sure to schedule an appointment with a certified eye care doctor. Considering the current digital-screen culture, such an appointment will also help as a regular check-up to make sure you maintain your eye health as long as possible.

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