How to Calculate Your BMR & Why it Matters?

A lot of people do not have the correct perceptions when it comes to losing weight. For instance, people have the opinion that calories should be completely avoided to lose weight. Apparently, this statement is not true. You need a minimum count of calories to survive. In addition to that, calories help you with several physical tasks like walking. If you are not consuming any calories at all, your body would weaken on a major scale. The goal is to avoid extra calories so that you do not gain weight and turn obese.

Understanding the definition and purpose of BMR

Every individual has to perform some activities during the course of the day. For instance, a student has to study, travel to college, rest, prepare for examinations, have meals and perform several other tasks. If he is consuming zero calories, he would not be able to perform these tasks. Thus, you need to consume a minimum calorie count so that the body does not lose strength. How is this count of calories determined? BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the minimum count of calories which an individual has to consume. If he does not fulfil this minimum need, he would be unable to complete the day and perform all the needed tasks.

Calculation process of BMR

The easiest way to determine BMR is using an online calculator. Why is it the best alternative for calculating BMR? Some points which highlight the importance of the Basal Metabolic Rate calculator by are given below.

  • Put your time to better use

What do you do if you want to balance your financial accounts for the complete month? Would you sit with a pen and paper to add all the amounts? Most people would not do it because using a calculator is a much better option. To start with, you would not have to add the amounts manually. A similar approach has to be used when you want to determine BMR. Why do you need to use a manual formula, insert all the values and then determine BMR? All these steps are unnecessary as a BMR calculator performs all the steps without any intermediate steps.

  • Mistakes are not made

A quality BMR calculator is developed using the best technological platforms so you can be sure that no mistakes would be made during the calculation process. It is quite hard to calculate BMR if you do not have access to a high standard calculator. There are high chances that you would not use the correct values as inputs. Using a calculator means no manual steps would have to be performed. The user only has to provide inputs of his weight, age, gender and sedimentary level.

  • Calculation stress reduced

Performing calculations is not an easy task by any means. You have to go through numerous intermediate steps, double check values and ensure that the formula has been used properly. This is actually a lot of stress on the mind of the user. All this stress is eliminated when the user is using an online BMR calculator. To start with, he does not have to check any of the results. This is because unlike humans, calculators do not make mistakes. In an overall manner, when a user is using the BMR calculator, a high percentage of stress is eliminated. Users do not have to be apprehensive about the correctness of results as well.

  • Simple Process with easy features

Some tools present online are not easy to use. Even smart users take a lot of time to understand these tools and the options they have. In case of a BMR calculator, this problem does not exist. The features of this calculator are very simple and any user can use them without any assistance. As the features are simple, a lot of time is not needed to complete the calculations. You can determine the BMR in a short while without making any mistakes.

What is the usage procedure of the BMR calculator?

When you talk about the usage procedure of this calculator, it is quite simple. You need to go through the following easy steps.

  • This calculator works online so you have to click the link to the tool. The good thing is that no offline download requirements are present. You do not have to go through the list of tools installed on your smartphone. This is because no such requirement is present. When the link is clicked, the main screen of the tool would be shown to you.
  • The next step is entering the inputs which would be used to calculate BMR. Some core components are used for this purpose. For instance, you have to enter your sedimentary level, weight, height, age, gender and other details. The tool would use all these input details and then determine BMR. As you are using a technological option, there is no need to recheck anything.
  • After the input values have been entered, the tool would determine the BMR. This would define the minimum count of calories you need to consume. The results obviously vary from one person to the other. This is because the inputs entered by the users would be different.


Losing calories is good but not consuming any calories at all is obviously a negative aspect. BMR is a figure which shows the minimum calories for a daily intake. You can compare it with what you are consuming on regular basis. This would help you in calculating the additional calorie count which has to be burnt. The calories which people consume apart from the minimum count increase the body flab. Hence, you need to concentrate on burning them.

How can BMR be determined? The most convenient method is getting hold of a basal metabolic rate calculator by which can remove the calculation tensions from your head. BMR calculations are online and have a simple operating process. There is no need to recheck the values produced as no mistakes are made when a high standard calculation is being used.

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