How To Be Happy In The Morning

Just like our fuzzy friendly cat, Garfield, we hate Mondays. And Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and so on till the weekend. The luxury of a weekend means, no need to worry about the alarm anymore, no need to force yourself to man up and face the day, no need to be an adult for two straight days.
But what if a little bit of mindfulness can turn all that around for the week days?

Step 1: Wake Up 10 Minute Early

Don’t you hate people that say you need to wake up at 4 am to be truly awake? What’s easier and brings more happiness in the long run, is for you to take it slower. Set the alarm 10 or 15 minutes before your usual wake up call, and enjoy those 15 extra minutes of the day!
You can easily do this, and let’s be honest- this is super realistic and possible too!

Step 2: Hydrate Your Life 

Yes, one of the things that helps you get out of bed might be your morning tea or coffee. BUT!
This is not the best thing to put into an empty stomach. It can cause a great deal of acidity. Instead, choose to have water bottles waiting for you on your kitchen counter. You can prepare them the previous night, and even infuse it with your favourite fruits or herbs. (My favourite flavour is Apples. I chop a few cubes of apple and leave it in the bottle to infuse with the water)
This will elevate your body’s abilities in so many different ways and bring your long term happiness. Plus, you can always jump into your large coffee mug once you’ve had that H2O.

Step 3: A 10 Minute Meditation 

One of the worst things we do nowadays, is to wake up and look right into our phones- admit it.
So an easy way to counter this, is to download a meditation app, or have free meditations on your phone, instead of going down the Instagram, Twitter or FB rabbit hole.
Instead of harmful phone screens, you have the calming sensation of a well relaxed body and an alert mind.
Instead of messing up your sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythms) you can stretch yourself into a happy day.
So, learn to get in touch with your morning, by getting in touch yourself.
Which one of these will you give a try tomorrow?

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