How physicians motivate patients


A physician or doctor is one of the health care providers whose profession is to maintain or restore human health through the examination, diagnosis, and cure of physical or mental illness or injury. Physicians strongly believe that health is an asset. According to the American Medical Association physicians are those who only can motivate patients by their words. 

Sometimes they have to adopt different strategies to make patients obey the diet chart. The best doctors needed to get the best treatment. For this, you can refer to a list of physicians from where you can contact a physician as per your necessity.

Motivation is better than medicine:

An experiment was done with the patients. A physician divided a group of patients into two different teams. He provided drugs to one team and gave sugar cube to another one. The group that was given the Sugar Cube was told that it was a strong drug. And as a result, they were cured before that group. Because a psychological mindset was working within the patients.

Different types of motivation:

  • Create a community connection:

If the physician knows any community service from where patients can be benefited, then he/she needs to provide the information to his/her patient. For example, if a patient needs to lose his/her weight, then he/she should be advised by the doctor to contact a support group or community who guides the overeater. So that they don’t gather weight or lose already gathered weight.

  • Educate patients with brochures:

An expert physician keeps in hand different types of medical brochures and journals and if necessary hand these over to deserving patients. A heart patient may go through the brochures and find out the causes of his/her heart ailments, and excessive rate of fatality from heart diseases makes him/her afraid and cautious not to eat junk food or avoid addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

  • Conduct a workshop:

Where a good number of diabetic patients and patients of chronic diseases are treated, a team of physician and dietician should conduct workshops. They must demonstrate the pros and cons of different food articles and which of the foods should be avoided by which type of patient. So that random food habits may not aggravate their diseases.

  • Obstacles elimination:

Sometimes doctors have to face some patients who are physically challenged and mentally retarded, who are being treated for other diseases. In those cases, patients can not follow the medication properly. These types of patients can not recognize which pills should be taken when or how to measure the dose of liquid medicine. Then physicians have to take help from caregivers or practice builders who help the patient to take medicine as prescribed by the physicians.

  • Keep in touch:

Another effective method to boost the motivation of the patients is too frequent follow-up and keep in touch with the patients through appointments at certain intervals to check up the improvement.

  • Give homework:

Physicians have to make patients understand to maintain the diet chart and make them know that their recovery is in their own hands.


In a nutshell, we can say that it is very important for a physician to motivate his/her patient. Patient-physician communication is a must. Because communication is the art and heart of medicine. Communication is the medium by which physicians can read a patient’s mind and help them out from anxiety, fear, etc. 

In many cases, it is noticed that the pleasant presence and behavior of the physician affect the patients a lot. In India, there is an old saying that physicians and doctors are the second God.

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