Health is Wealth

Today’s generation is too careless about their health, they just take their health for granted. Isn’t it. In the making of careers, the other thing should not be compromised. A 20-year-old person when sees a 50-year-old person, he thinks he is such a successful person and wants to become like him, but he forgets to see that the person who is the 50 years of age has spoiled his health, by taking tension, and not taking care of health.

What is success…???

Success should be seen in each and every perspective rather than focusing on money only. There is no use for earning lakhs if you are not healthy. Someone has rightly said, we never value things we have, it is just that we realize their importance once we don’t have it. At the young age of our life, our main focus is on studies, career and making money. While we forget the fact that health is wealth. It takes little effort and a bit of awareness to keep yourself fit and healthy

In the school days, we have all learned a poem,

If money is lost, something is lost, but if health is lost everything is lost. But I suppose, till date, we have not understood these lines. We are in habit of taking out our frustration at food whenever we are angry, we skip our meals, which is so childish.
Be happy, or at least try to be happy even if you are an average in studies, even if your career is not on the peak because by taking tension you will be creating problems for your health.

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