Have you ever noticed the changes in your Sweat’s Smell?

As you all are aware that sweating is just a normal part of our daily routine life caused due to body heat or physical activities that we work out, but does your sweat smell different? I guess! Most of you haven’t noticed yet or some may be but didn’t mind to give a single minute to ponder over this? Just Imagine if someone in your surroundings being stressed with your sweat odour !! Eh! It’s an unsettling thought in mind but apparently, this actually happens sweat is being secreted by the different gland in the body.
To be frank, you possess basically two categories of sweat glands; Eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are generally responsible for the sweat that you’re used to and is the result of your body temperature rise, after a workout or jogging. As it happens across the whole body, cools down the body when it evaporates, ultimately relieves your stress. But when you’re under psychologically stress, the cold sweat is being released by apocrine glands (mostly located in your underarms, a few in your groin), and has the pungent smell too.
Eccrine glands are the mostly water-centric (98.32 %), but the apocrine glands sweat amounts 81 % water, eventually the mixture of proteins as well as lipids. Bacteria naturally found on your body feed off these nutrients, which in turn produces the whiff.
Wanna! Put a full stop to stress sweat? Yes, you can learn to calm yourself down in a stressful situation. But unless you start meditation, practice deep breathing in the morning, or find soothing music, make sure you trim off your armpit hair because excess hair gives the bacteria more to feed off.

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Oh! I didn’t notice it yet. Thanks for the info though!

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A very good information indeed!

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