How to protect your eyes when your job requires a lot of computer work?

When your work involves a lot of time in front of computers, there is a high chance of feeling the eye strain. And all one needs then is the dire need to rest the eyes. Along with tired eyes, your posture, too, may get affected with strong pain in the shoulder, neck, and back area. You can temporarily get rid of the pain by taking a painkiller or fix it up with a bit of stretching and yoga.

But what can one do when the eyes get dry, tired, loopy, or even itchy? How can one deal with such discomfort?

In this article, you will learn how easily your eyes get affected because of the computer screen and how you can protect them during your computer binges.

Computer Vision Syndrome

While working in front of a computer all day long, your eyes are prone to be affected. If you are a victim of symptoms like headaches, blurry or double vision, dry, red or itchy eyes, then you may have a condition called computer vision syndrome. 

Staring at a computer screen for a long time or reading every single page can get tiring and hard for the eyes. And the focus used, the eye movements, and different contrast of the computer screen may make the problem worse for your vision.

Besides, most people don’t blink that often especially when using computers. In general, we blink approximately for about 15-20 times a minute, but the moment there’s a screen involved, we end up blinking half that number. And all this staring dries out the eyes, leading to irritation. 

In such cases, taking regular time outs from using the computer is necessary and if you wear lenses make sure that it is of trusted brands like Acuvue.

Follow a healthy eye habit

The obvious method to take good care of your eye is to cut down on your screen time. This should be strictly adhered to at least an hour or two before your heading to sleep. However, when your job involves working in front of a monitor, quitting your job isn’t the solution. Hence, you can try some of these methods below.

1. Take a 20-20-20 break

There’s no way to escape a computer screen. But your eyes need that much-needed break. So, try using the famous “20-20-20” rule where for every 20 minutes, you give your eyes a break for 20 seconds and look at an object that is placed 20 feet away. 

2. Consider buying glasses

Buy yourself a pair of anti-glare glasses that are made specifically for people who use computers. If you feel you can’t pull off the glass-look, then look out for solotica colored contacts that are known for features including scratch-proof, UV protection, and anti-reflection. 

3. Reduce your glare

One way to reduce your eye strain is by reducing your glare. You can do so by either purchasing a glare filter or steering away from the natural or artificial light.

4. Maintain a distance

It is best to have an arm’s length away distance between you and your computer. The best way to test this would be to give a high-five to the computer. If you are unable to give a high-five at a full arm’s length, you are sitting way too close to your monitor. The computer screen should at least be below your eye level and about 28-30 inches from your eye. 

5. Experiment with the settings

If you think your computer screen is too dim, too bright, or have a tiny font, then experimenting around with your settings might do the trick. 

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