Get Rid of All Scalp Issues with Tea Tree Oil and Get Healthy Hair

Tea Tree Oil for scalp

Oiling the hair is extremely necessary for healthy hair. It nourishes the roots and makes your hair stronger day by day. There are several hair oils available in the market with an array of benefits. But if you want the best and most effective hair oil, you must apply tea tree oil. 

Tea tree oil is a magical ingredient for good hair. It cures many common problems of hair such as dandruff and hair fall. This oil also helps in increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Tea tree oil for scalp can work effectively to stop hair issues and grow healthy hair. 

More Info About Tea Tree oil 

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia. This plant is basically from southeast Queensland, Australia. Before processing, this oil contains many chemicals. However, it changes its composition by exposure to air. 

What Are the Different Uses Of Tea Tree oil? 

Tea tree oil has several uses in day to day life. It can cure various skin and hair issues within some weeks. Let us discuss the uses of this oil in detail: 

Traditional medicine 

Tea tree oil is used as a medicine since the 19th century. People use this oil for curing acne, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus. Some studies also show that tea tree oil can cure insect bites and minor wounds. 

Anti-bacterial drug 

Bacterial infections and skin fungus can be treated using tea tree oil. Because of anti-bacterial properties, this oil can reduce bacterial infections and inflammation. Apart from that, it also decreases itchiness and skin irritation. 

Scalp treatment 

The dirty scalp can cause dandruff and hair fall. Applying tea tree oil is very beneficial for the scalp. It can eliminate dead skin cells and reduce itching. This oil can moisturize the scalp and reduce irritation. 

Hand sanitizer 

How important it is today to use hand sanitizer! Well, tea tree oil is the best hand sanitizer. It works effectively in killing many deadly viruses and germs. The viruses like H. influenza and E Coli can die with the use of tea tree oil. It is very easy to make hand sanitizer using this oil. 


Do you know other uses of tea tree oil? It is also used as a body deodorant. This oil has anti-bacterial properties and kills the germs of the body. Apart from that, it also eliminates the odour of sweat. 


If you want to get fresh mouth for the full day, you must use tea tree oil. You can use it to remove bad breath and cure tooth pain. It also helps to remove plaque and gives a fresh feeling in the mouth. 

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil 

We discussed the various uses of tea tree oil above. But there are still more benefits of using this oil such as:

1. For hair 

Cures Psoriasis 

This is a severe problem for the scalp. People suffering from Psoriasis get red patches on the scalp. Many studies show that tea tree oil can reduce the redness of the scalp skin. It has anti-inflammatory and reduces inflammation and itchiness. 

Cleanses scalp 

Tea tree oil cleanses the scalp effectively. It includes therapeutic properties that stop chemicals and dead skin to accumulate on the scalp. Besides, it also reduces hair loss and hair damage. 

Regenerates hair follicles 

Your scalp gets nourishment after applying tea tree oil. It increases oxygen supply and revives hair follicles. Moreover, this oil reduces the dryness of the scalp. It opens the pores and eliminates inflammation. 

Dandruff free scalp 

Dandruff can put you into embarrassment. It is the major hair problem in girls and guys. If you want to get rid of dandruff, you must apply tea tree oil regularly. It helps to cure dandruff with its powerful anti-fungal properties.

2. For skin 

Cures inflammation 

Continuous exposure of skin to UV rays can cause pain, allergies, and inflammation. Tea tree oil reduces the redness and inflammation of the skin. It also gives relief to the skin from wounds and insect bites. 

Athlete’s Foot 

Athlete’s Foot is the type of fungal infection that affects the feet. It can reach to toes and hands. Tea tree oil is one of the most effective remedies to cure Athlete’s foot. It also gives relief from inflammation, itchiness, scaling, and skin burns. 

Cures minor cuts 

You can use tea tree oil to heal minor cuts and injuries. It stops the germs from entering your body. You will get relief from wounds and injuries within a few weeks. 

Treatment of acne 

Acne is the most common problem in women. Because of acne, the skin loses its shine. You can use tea tree oil to get rid of acne. The studies show that this oil helps to fight against inflammation and swelling of the skin. Furthermore, it cures whiteheads and removes pimples. 

Best Methods To Use Tea Tree Oil 

The experts recommend using tea tree oil on the skin directly. It is safe to apply some drops of the oil on the skin to treat irritation and swelling. You can first test by pouring drops of tea tree oil on the small area of the skin. If you do not get irritation or side effects, it is safe to use the oil for a long time. 

How To Use Tea Tree Oil On The Scalp? 

The best way to use tea tree oil for scalp is if you can combine the oils with other hair oils. You can pick any hair oils that are available in the market, such as coconut oil or olive oil to mix tea tree oil. In addition to that, you can use some other ingredients with the oil. They include apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and aloe vera pulp. 

If you want healthy and beautiful hair, you can add a few drops of oil in your shampoo. This mixture cleanses your scalp effectively. Besides, you can also use it with anti-dandruff shampoo. 


Tea tree oil for the scalp has no side effects in the body or scalp. It can cure hair problems and gives long term benefits. 

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