One of the most trendiest and effective method for weight reduction is detoxification which is profoundly used by people having obesity issues. Drinking detox water cleanses body as it consists of fruits, seeds, vegetables and legumes. Materials selected are usually rich in fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties. For example lemon, lime, apple, cider vinegar, kiwi, mint leaves, cucumber etc.
Formula of detox water is simpler than it sounds. Materials or veggies needs to be soaked in water filled glass pitcher and left overnight. Next day our detox water is ready to drink. Additional bonus we get here is that they tastes so delicious which crave us drink them more. This again provides an added benefit of getting hydrated throughout the day.
Personally I have lost a considerable amount of weight in last six months which is why I could not stop sharing my experience with others who are still mystified about it.
Consumption of juices results in efficient function of digestive systems and helps in strengthening body immune systems along with cleansing skin and reducing acne related problems.
To make detox process more successful, having healthy diet and routine workout will definitely show results in lesser time period. Moreover one can select ingredients for detox water as per suitability and personal choices. There are lot of recipes available from which most popular is a mixture of cucumber, mint leaves and lemon. So, next time you plan for a healthy diet, do not forget to include detox water in your regime.

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