9 CBD Gummies That Make Life Easier

Who doesn’t love a good gummy? I’m talking about a gummy packed with flavor and the right texture. The texture is just as important as flavor. A gummy cant be too chewy or soft. A gummy must also be formulated with the right flavoring.

I love sour, sweet and tropical. The CBD industry is bursting at the seems right now with new brands and a crowded marketplace. The hardest part about taking CBD is finding the right brand. 

Luckily I’m going to outline 9 CBD gummies that are tasty and have the right texture. Let’s begin.

1. The Creating Better Days brand has created a multi-vitamin CBD gummy that is flavorful and packed with 10mg of CBD per gummy. With 30 servings per container, this bottle should last you a month. The recommended serving size is 1-2 daily. That’s a fair assessment for new and experienced CBD users. Lab-tested, nano-amplified and made in the USA, these sour orange gummies are my favorite CBD gummy of 2020. The only downside with Creating Better Days is their lack of online reviews. There’s a lab report and video on every product page.

2. The 25mg PureKana CBD gummies are insanely popular. I see them everywhere! Vegan, flavorful and backed with a 30-day guarantee. The 500mg bottle has 20 CBD gummies. The only downside. Fortunately, PureKana offers a 15% off coupon if you order monthly via there subscription service. PureKana said it best: “these gummies are designed to help you relax after a long day” I agree! Go read the 100+ reviews and lab report on the PureKana CBD gummies page.

3. All sour gummy lovers out there please stand up. The Medix Rainbow Bites are for you. Be careful it’s hard to only eat one. Packed with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, the total serving size is 300mg, 30 gummies. Lab reports,m FAQs and reviews are available on the product page, check them out here. 

4. The CBD company with the best branding is Sunday Scaries. They offer two gummies, you should only buy the vegan option. With a strong customer base, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for their subscription option. The vegan gummies are the perfect texture and flavor. Packed with 10mg of CBD, you get 20 gummies in the bottle. The recommended dosage is 1-3 daily. To learn more you can read the lab report and product reviews.

5. The strongest gummy on this list is made by Savage CBD. The 50mg CBD gummy works are offered in a 6-pack only. 300mg of CBD in only 6 gummies. If you need a high dosage you should try the gummi worms by Savage CBD. Sour and effective, I strongly recommend this gummy. Perfect for tense times when you need something to calm you down. 

6. If you’re inosmniac you need to eat a few nighttime CBD gummies by Charlotte’s Web. The famous brand has recently debuted its amazing CBD gummy line this year. And they did not disappoint. Out of the three formulas, I found the nighttime gummies to be the most effective. Packed with melatonin and CBD its easy to see why they are so effective. Supported by thousands of reviews, Charlotte’s Web is perhaps the most trusted CBD hemp brand on the market. 

7. Winner for the best name is Not Pot. The vegan gummies offered by Not Pot taste like fresh strawberries. Maybe not fresh, but really really good strawberries. Sold out a lot, it’s hard to get your hands on these little gummy bears. If you’re lucky enough to order a bottle, you’ll understand after one gummy why they are always sold out. The recommended dosage is 1-2 gummies per day. 

8. Lab-tested and popular. What else do you need? CBDistillery is one of the top CBD brands, not just for gummies but oil too. The recommended dosage is 1-2 gummies daily with each gummy packed with 30mg of CBD. The only downside with these gummies is that they are an isolate, not full-spectrum CBD product. Meaning there are no other cannabinoids present just CBD. Delicious none the less and effective. 

9. The low-dosage JustCBD gummies taste just like Haribo sour gummy rings. At 12.5mg per gummy, these sour apple rings are perfect for usage throughout your day. The entire bottle offers 750mg of CBD and the recommended dosage is 4 daily, up to 50mg of CBD. The only downside here is the 6g of sugar per gummy. 

To conclude, those are the 9 CBD gummies I recommend if you are new or experienced in the CBD niche. All of the gummies are lab tested and customer approved. Step 1 to ordering CBD online is to always check if there is a lab report. If you’re pressing me to recommend just one I have to say it’s Charlotte’s Web nighttime gummies. Packed with melatonin and CBD, these gummies are great for insomniacs.   

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