7 Tips to Avoid Junk Foods

Junk Foods

There is no denying the fact that many of us crave junk foods. It feels so good to get a big bite of freshly baked chocolate cake. But are they really healthy for our bodies? How can we avoid eating junk foods? To answer these questions, first, understand these things.

People often love to eat junk food because it is delicious, affordable, readily available, and easy to prepare. Sometimes when you have a lot of fun in the evening it is so hard to avoid junk food. People often crave junk food. It is so delicious and when you crave it, it is hard to resist. There are absolute reasons behind this craving, which compel people to snack on junk foods even though these are less nutritious. If you want to know the idea behind this, and how you can avoid eating unhealthy junk foods you can take a look at this blog.

As we all know that most junk foods are highly delicious and easy to prepare, but they lack all the healthy nutrients needed by the body. If the person eats junk food for a longer period, then it can cause serious problems to his health. This blog is all about why the human body craves junk food and how it can overcome it.

What’s junk food? 

Junk foods are foods that are calorie-dense and nutrient-poor. The term “junk food” is often used in reference to foods that are prepared in ways that may not be good for your health. Junk foods are associated with obesity and poor nutritional status. It is often high in calories but low in nutrition and is a leading cause of obesity. It is important to understand the impact of junk food and how we can avoid them and eat healthily. 

Of course, junk food is unhealthy, and too much junk food is hazardous to our health. Why do so many people eat junk food? And why is junk food so addictive for not only children but also adults? Why even an adult person with high willpower can’t say NO to junk foods like chips, burgers, pizzas, french fries, hot dogs, cakes, chocolates, cookies, candies, sugary sodas, muffins, doughnuts, donuts, candy bars, processed foods, etc.

These types of food items are usually loaded with high amounts of fats, sodium, and calories making them delicious and most addictive. It is because they are loaded with flavors and sodium which make them addictive. Not only children but even adults like eating junk food. So how to avoid these unhealthy eating habits? Here, I bring you 8 easy tips that cost you nothing but just your commitment to improving your health.

Tips to avoid unhealthy Junk foods-

1. Plan ahead your meals

Have you ever thought that when we crave junk foods? Can you make out the reason behind it? Well, most of the time it’s when we feel hungry, isn’t it? 

The best way to control our cravings for junk food is to keep prepared healthy foods to fill our appetite. Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time helps you in not grabbing a piece of brownie or a bucket of french fries before your meals. When you have a prepared meal box right in front of your work desk, you are less likely to go out and have those unhealthy junk foods. Use containers or tiffin boxes to store some healthy foods like brown rice, beans, fruits, nuts, stir-fried, roasted vegetables, and other stuff that serves as a healthy substitute for junk foods. 

2. Eating breakfast

Filling your stomach with a healthy plate of breakfast in the morning can truly help in avoiding junk foods. When you were having a good sleep, your body was working all night to prepare you for the next day. And when you wake up in the morning it needs the energy to boost up your metabolism rate. Having a balanced breakfast with all the essential nutrients like fibers, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats prepares your body for all-day work. 

People who skip breakfast do not get the energy needed by the body to serve you till lunchtime when you can finally get something to eat. And in between this time, these people are more likely to grab a bunch of junk foods from the nearest store to fulfill their appetite in the afternoon. Eating a healthy breakfast and keeping your stomach filled with nutrients help you to avoid junk foods.

3. Consuming healthy fats

Eat healthy fats to avoid junk food. Wait, what? 

Junk foods are the main source of fats then how I’m saying to eat fats to avoid junk foods. Is it a joke? 

Well, absolutely NO. 

Eating healthy fats can help in avoiding junk foods. One of the most common myths is that fats make you fat. It’s true in some sense but not completely true because there are several types of fats responsible for different needs. Junk foods contain saturated fats and trans fats that are not good for human health. One should eat healthy fats contained in foods like nuts, avocado, fatty fish, whole egg, etc. . These types of food make you feel full, reducing the chances of eating any extra foods, especially junk foods.

4. Sleeping well

You might wonder what sleep has to do with eating junk foods. Studies have shown that sleep restriction can lead to more hunger and eventually more junk food. Sleep plays a big role in controlling your mood, hunger, and energy level. One can feel irritated and stressed when not getting enough sleep. And a person under stress is less able to control the intake of palatable snacks.

If you stay up late at night chances are high that you might get a craving for eating something delicious that can either be sweet or salty and you end up eating junk foods. So try to go early to bed and get 7-8 hours of enough sleep. 

5. Eat enough proteins

Proteins are always a good source of energy for your body. Eating proteins has uncountable benefits of its own. You will be delighted to know that eating proteins can also help in avoiding junk foods as proteins take a longer time to digest as compared to carbs. Just like healthy fats, proteins make you feel full which means your body doesn’t feel the need of having something more to eat. 

So you can avoid junk foods by simply adding more protein-rich nutrients to your diet. This can be fish, nuts, beans, and vegetables.

6. Stress management

Cravings are not always the result of hunger and appetite. Some other emotional factors are related to our cravings and desires. It is sure that you want a piece of sweet cake or salty crisps because you feel hungry or because you like the flavor. But you are more likely to want these foods when you are stressed by something. 

Try to involve yourself in other productive activities and not just satisfy your urge by having a bucket of french fries in front of you. You can take a walk, do yoga, meditate for a few minutes, take deep breaths and calm your soul instead of reaching out to junk foods to fulfill your cravings.

7. Avoid long gaps between meals

We often crave junk foods during the gaps between our meals. And it is obvious to happen as our body needs something to feel full and bring energy to perform daily tasks. Eating meals in long gaps can make you feel the need for junk food. So try to avoid long gaps between your meals and eat a handful of healthy foods like almonds, nuts, and fruits in between. This can reduce your craving for junk food. 

The takeaway

Food cravings are natural and common in every individual. We might feel a sudden urge to eat something sweet, salty, or sour after the meal, even when there is no space for any other food. There is always a little space for dessert, right? It’s human nature that you can’t do anything about it as it’s controlled by our brain. But by following these little tips you can not only overcome these cravings but also start eating healthy for a healthier lifestyle. Next time you feel the need of having junk food, make sure to think of it whether it’s your need to eat something at the moment or you just craving to eat junk food.

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