7 Popular Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing Now.

7 popular hair myths you should stop believing no

“I heard  my grandmother saying not to apply X to my hair” 

“My mom told me to do X with my hair!”

“You shouldn’t do X to your hair.” 

I know you may have heard such sayings millions of times but it doesn’t mean that it’s true! Because most of the time these are just hair myths. And it’s high time to bust these so-called myths in the name of hair care. 

We all accept that hair can make or break an entire look. For many people, it’s the crowning glory and for some, it’s a weapon that is used to take down others. But hair is more than just a fashion statement and it’s more than just a way to express yourself. 

Hair is a big part of your identity and it’s important to understand your hair and the best ways to take care of it. This blog will look at some of the hair care myths and how you should avoid them. Hair is important for us, but it can cause trouble especially when you do not take care of it like your hair is supposed to be.

Haircare is important!

Haircare is significant and it is something that should be followed every day. Hair is a very small part of our body but it has a very important role to play in our lives. Hair helps us to express ourselves. 

We all have different hair types and different hair textures, but we all have a common question that will always come to us: how to take care of our hair.

What is the importance of Hair Care?

In this busy world, we are always running from one place to another. We are not getting proper time for ourselves either

Haircare is important but there are several myths in the name of hair care. 

Every day people around the world are searching for numerous questions from search engines. These are like- 

Is olive oil good or bad for the hair? 

Can coconut oil help your hair grow faster? Is coconut oil good for your hair? 

Can coconut oil promote hair growth? 

Is olive oil good for damaged hair?

These questions create hair myths.

Now, what are hair myths? What are the myths in hair care? How should we avoid hair myths? 

Yupp here are your answers, I got you covered!

What are Hair myths?

Hair myths are things that we have believed for generations and are definitely not true. They can be harmful as well as they can lead you into the negligence of your hair. In this blog, you will learn about these hair myths and how you can avoid them.

Hair is the crown of every individual. We respect our hair more than anything else. But, unfortunately, out of habit or otherwise, we are trapped in some myths regarding hair care. Hence it is necessary to avoid hair myths. It will be beneficial for our hair. 

Hair myths are nothing but lie specifically created to confuse the general public. So how do you avoid these lies? You need to be informed of what is out there. This blog will help you do that.

If you are looking for beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair, you will find plenty of tips on the internet. But are these tips really accurate? Haircare myths are all over, so you have to be careful before implementing anything. 

Here are some most famous and common myths in the world of hair myths and how you should stay away from them. 

Myth 1: Frequently washing damages your hair

I bet you must have had this once in your lifetime. And let me tell you that it is completely false and comes under hair myths. Shampooing frequently does not mean damaging your hair. Shampooing actually cleans your hair and gives it a lot of shine and luster. It is only when you use harsh shampoos that contain chemicals that can strip your hair of natural oils making them dull and damaged. 

In fact, not shampooing your hair regularly can lead to excessive oil production and this can damage the roots causing hair fall. So you can see that it is totally wrong to say that frequently washing or shampooing your hair damages hair and causes hair fall. Rather if you are not washing your hair properly you can harm your hair.

Myth 2: Frequently cutting your hair makes it grow faster

This is the biggest myth among all the hair care myths we have. It is believed that trimming your hair every 4 to 6 weeks can speed up your hair growth process, but the truth is that it is nothing but a myth. You shouldn’t be fooled by believing that cutting the ends of your hair can increase your hair growth when you know that hair growth occurs at the roots. cutting the ends of your hair has to do nothing with your follicles that are the actual in-charge of your hair growth. 

There is no denying the fact that cutting the ends of your hair helps in eliminating split ends which make hair look thick at the ends. But if you want to grow your hair with this trimming process then we recommend you trim your hair every 8 to 12 weeks to get rid of splitting that can enhance your hair growth. 

Myth 3: Conditioner is not good for oily hairs

The short answer to this myth is that conditioners are good for all hair types regardless of their texture. Conditioners help you to provide a healthy dose of hydration to your hair. It actually helps in the missing and protecting your hair. 

Now you should know that people have oily hairs when their scalp produces too much sebum, which is a type of oil produced naturally by the oil glands at the roots of your hair. Like shampoos, conditioner is also necessary for both dry and oily hairs. 

Myth 4: Plucking grey hair lead to more grey hairs

We don’t know from where it started but it is totally false. You may have heard from your elders that tweezing one or two grey hairs can lead to the growth of several more grey hairs. Let me tell you that grey hairs are mostly determined by genetics and aging and have nothing to do with the growth of more grey hair by plucking one grey hair. 

Myth 5: Air-drying is better than blow-drying

You may be wondering if it is even true!!

Let me answer you in a quick way that blow-drying causes less damage than air-drying if done properly. Now the question arises of how drying you here with the help of heat can be better than naturally drying your hair. 

Several studies found that using a hairdryer at the right distance and right temperature can cause less damage than simply air-drying your hair. The reason behind this is simple: when we wash our hair it swells up and the longer it stays the more is the chance that it puts pressure on the delicate proteins of the hairs. In this way, it can cause more damage than blow-drying your hair. 

Myth 6: Rinsing your hair with cold water makes it shinier

To prove this myth wrong, an experiment was conducted to compare the results of washing hair with cold water and warm water respectively. The participant’s hair was rinsed in water that was hot and then the others with water that was cold. 

It was noticed that the hair rinsed in cold water did not show any extra shine. In fact, the result of warm water proved to be much better than the hair rinsed with cold water. So, this myth busted that washing your hair with cold water is not better than warm water but still there is one benefit that cold water can help you in closing down the pores on your scalp. 

Myth 7: Natural oils are good for hair

Everything that is natural is not always good for the way it has been used. This is another common myth that people believe in. Natural oils are not good for your hair when used directly as oils because most natural oils prepared from raw ingredients like avocado, coconut, mustard, etc. are not capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft to make lasting improvement. They can also leave a sticky residue and make your hair feel greasy. 

Although natural oils are fabulous when used as an emollient with other professional products. 

The takeaway

There are several thousand myths all around but your hair is your crown and you have to protect it from your enemies a.k.a “hair myths“. You can find plenty of tips on google and plenty of videos on YouTube with just one search. Before implementing any hair care tips, make sure you cross-check them. 

Blindly trusting any suggestions or advice coming your way can harm your hair badly. If someone ever told you these myths then it’s your responsibility to share this with them because sharing is caring.

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