5 Top Clinics to Get a Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Tummy Tuck

A healthy lifestyle and diets help to improve the body. However, sometimes only a plastic surgeon can correct some defects. Saggy and loose stomach skin is among such issues. In this case, only a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) can be helpful. The abdomen can change its shape for various reasons: after childbirth or extremely fast weight loss. So, a tummy tuck is a surgery when excess skin and subcutaneous fat is removed in the abdomen area with subsequent muscle lifting surgery.

Tummy Tuck: Price Overview

According to ISAPS, about 1 million people have this operation every year. But still, thousands of men and women postpone abdomen lifting, thinking that a tummy tuck surgery is very expensive and not affordable for them. It can be true for Americans where the cost of abdominoplasty in the USA is $9,000 and Britons with $8,000. But it is cheaper in Mexican clinics — around $3,000 and Turkey — just for $2,600. 

Due to this, Turkey is among the top destinations to do plastic surgery abroad. Local clinics offer cheap prices and all-inclusive service (free airport pick, interpreter, accommodation). Below we have composed a ranking of the leading tummy tuck clinics in Turkey. Note that the price of the procedure depends on whether you need a mini or full tummy tuck.

Where to Have a Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

Vita Estetic

This clinic offers one of the most affordable tummy tuck prices in Turkey — just for $2,600 you can do a makeover of your stomach area. Patients from the USA and Great Britain prefer this medical center for plastic surgery. The clinic cares about its customers and is ready to provide a free transfer from the airport of Istanbul and an interpreter’s service.

Estetik International

This is one of the most popular clinics with international patients in Turkey. More than 320,000 plastic surgery procedures are on the doctors’ account who work in this clinic. The cost of tummy tuck here is starting from $3,500. On the clinic’s website, you can see before-after photos of tummy tuck and decide whether you want to experience the same result. The price can be increased if you need more advanced lifting surgery of your abdomen. You can also read verified reviews about this clinic to make sure you make the right choice.

Adem&Havva Medical Center

Medical tourists from 45+ countries, who want to improve their appearance, choose the clinic. Over 16,000 cosmetic operations have been conducted within the walls of this medical center. The price of abdominoplasty is about $4,300, extra expenses as accommodation and transfer are included. The clinic provides a service of fast booking, so you can have a tummy tuck within 5 days after your request.

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

The center has received high scores and positive reviews from patients who have had a tummy tuck there. If you want to estimate the final result after plastic surgery, you can see patients’ before and after photos. The cost of a tummy tuck in this Turkish clinic is $5,000. The cost covers all expenses. You can stay for free in the hotel located on the premises of the clinic for 7 nights.

Dr. Cagri Sade Plastic Surgery Center

It is one more great place to do a tummy tuck and other cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. This is a private practice of one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the country. The center provides a procedure for $3,600. However, the price can be changed depending on the case and the complexity of the intervention. The clinic has got a certificate from the reputable Turkish Medical Association. It proves compliance of provided medical services with high standards of quality.

How to Arrange Your Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

Traveling abroad, especially for medical purposes, can be stressful. People often feel confused about what clinic to choose, how to schedule a date, how to pay for plastic surgery avoiding frauds. All these issues can be easily solved if you request trustworthy international medical tourism providers. 

One of them is Bookimed, a free platform to search for medical centers located across the world. On this platform, you will find the info regarding prices, clinics, doctors, patient reviews and photos. All you need is to submit a request on the website, and a Bookimed representative will contact you to answer all questions regarding the price, visa issues, pros and cons of every clinic. If necessary, the Bookimed coordinator will book flight tickets and a hotel for you. With this international platform, you can be sure of safety and fast trip arrangement.


Having tummy tuck in Turkey is a great option for patients who value their time, look for qualitative plastic surgery, and want to save some money. All you need is to choose a proper clinic. For this, read patients reviews, see before and after photos, find out more about a plastic surgeon who will manage your operation. If you do not know what to start with, ask a medical tourism agency for help to cope with all these issues.

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