3 Ways That Tantric Massages Can Help Us Get Through Trauma

Tantric Massages

The ancient and spiritual practice of tantric massages can help us in ways that mainstream massage therapy just can compete with – here’s how:

Statistically speaking, in the United States alone, 70% of adult Americans report experiencing some kind of trauma. These people are dealing with it in their own ways each and every day. Trauma is something that we must live with, as usually it never fully goes away.

But we shouldn’t let our trauma control our lives. Not if we can help it.

There are many kinds of therapies in practice today that work great for people all over the world. But sometimes, the mainstream practices just don’t cut it. They don’t go deep enough.

But the practice of tantric massage does go deep.

What is tantric massage?

The ancient and spiritual practice of tantra has been used by cultures for thousands of years, as a way to make deeper, more meaningful connections.

Tantric massage is a hands-on body approach to spiritual connection, utilizing the flow of Shakti or energy through massage. The combination of ancient tantra and modern massage is what we call tantric massage today.

How tantric massage can help us heal

Tantric practices like tantric massage can help clear the spiritual blockages that hold us back from progress. Each person’s blockage will be different in their own way, depending on what their life experiences and everyday coping habits are.

But we can all equally benefit from removing our blockages, with the help of tantric massage.

1. Loving your own life through reconnecting

Reconnecting to the energy that surrounds you is one of the best ways of gaining control of your own life again.

Tantric massage uses slow, rhythmic, and sensual massage techniques that work to ground recipients and help them to truly be present in what their bodies are feeling.

Pushing the limits of one’s typical comfort zones is just one of the ways that this ancient practice help promotes exploration and wonder for the life you’re living.

It’s not until you push your own boundaries, physically and mentally, that you can finally appreciate where you are, the world that surrounds you, and the energy that is constantly affecting you. Whether that energy is bad or good, it’s important to take control of it.

2. Recharging our sexuality

Certain types of trauma create major blockages in our sexual energy. Of course, therapy is a great way for dealing with heavy subjects like past or sexual assault.

But when a person is ready, the next step is recharging the sexual energy that has been blocked by destructive trauma.

Tantric massage does exactly that. By gently reawakening one’s sexuality, in a safe, spiritual, and supportive environment. This process works for anyone and everyone that is struggling to get their sexuality back to a healthy and expressive place.

When your sexual wellness is back in balance, it’s much easier to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones and partners.

3. Achieving relaxation and mindfulness

And last but not least, tantric massage is one of the best ways for a person to completely relax and open up their mind and soul.

The practice of tantra can be compared to meditation. But not all of us can easily use meditation as a part of our daily lives. Whether it be because we need the help of a professional or we just can go it alone. Whatever the reason is, it’s completely normal.

Tantric massage is an enjoyable and very effective way for people to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their lives.

Because trauma can’t be dealt with until we are fully aware of how it affects us. Mindfulness through tantric practices can set us up for success when we are ready to face our trauma head on, in order to move on.

Massage therapy is a great way to distress and open up the mind, body, and soul, to the healing energy on of the earth.

Don’t go at it alone – find a professional at NYBodyLove, who can help you heal

Tantric massage centers like NYBodyLove help not only individuals, but also couples, in their journey to moving past trauma.

NYBodyLove focuses on clearing stagnant energy and recharging the soul, through hands-on movement, touch, and breathing exercises.

A professional NYBodyLove tantric guide can wholly transform our lives for the better, showing us how to find spiritual healing and how doing so can make us more present and in control of our own lives. And most importantly, learning to live with our trauma in a healthy and open way. 

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