20 Food Combinations That Might Make You Sick

food combinations

Do you ever get exhausted and bloated after you eat? Or do you always get sick even though you eat the right foods? Possibilities are that you’re mixing them incorrectly. According to one report, around half of the population becomes ill as a result of improper food combinations. Some foods must be consumed individually because the time needed for digestion and the conditions required for digestion vary. Wrong food combinations can cause stomach pain, bloating, nausea, gas, and vomiting. If you continue to consume the incorrect food combinations for an extended period, it can cause rashes, chronic digestive disorders, and foul breath. 

Here are some of the worst food combinations that can make you ill, and you should stop combining them at all costs. 

1. Papaya and Water

The worst thing ever is to drink water after eating papaya. It can trigger stomach issues as well as bloating. It is also not recommended to drink water after consuming a cucumber or watermelon.

2. Mint with Aerated Drinks 

Everyone is aware of how mint responds to cola, and actual experiments have been conducted on it. Envision those experiments taking place inside your belly. Isn’t that a bit off-putting? When the mint comes into contact with the drink, it causes bloating of the stomach.

3. Tea and Coffee after Meals 

Drinking tea and coffee after main meals will start to absorb all of the food materials and disturb the acidic stomach. This would damage your digestive system and cause you to lose the majority of the nutrition from the food you ate.

4. Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese 

The acid in tomato soup doesn’t mix well with the dairy-based cheese, giving you a stomach ache. Aside from that, it is not advisable to eat both of them at the same time because they are hard to process. 

5. Fruit after Meal 

You used to believe that elders denying you fruits after meals were irrational and superstitious. You now know that that isn’t the case. Fruits don’t pair well with other non-fruit foods, and even if you think you’re eating a healthy dessert, you’re mistaken. 

6. Tomato and Pasta 

Since there is tomato-flavoured pasta on the market, this is the most unexpected combination on this list. The carbohydrates in the pasta, along with the acid juices in the tomatoes, make it nearly extremely difficult for your stomach to digest, resulting in an upset stomach. 

7. Melons and Non-Melons 

People usually combine all fruits and eat them, which is more often referred to as a “fruit Salad.” Even if it appears to be safe, this combination makes people ill. It’s the devil in disguise and will give you stomach issues. 

8. Steaks and Prawns 

Here’s a startling revelation for those who want to mix and match at the buffet. The combination of meat steaks and prawns could make you extremely ill. Prawn is a highly allergenic food, and approximately one-third of the population cannot eat it. And mixing two heavy foods like this will put a significant strain on your digestive system. To stop stomach discomfort, try eating only one type of meat at a time.

9. Beans and Cheese 

Many food enthusiasts adore this Mexican dish. However, they are unaware that this food mixture causes gas, bloating, and digestive problems. The ideal approach is to keep dairy and beans away from each other. 

10. White Bread and Jam 

It does not work as a breakfast food because it doesn’t fill you up and provide you with the strength you need to begin your day. To stay safe, try substituting this with other nutritious breakfast meals. 

11. Bacon and Eggs 

Here’s some bad news for all you clichéd breakfast enthusiasts: This popular combination could be causing problems for your digestive system, as both are high in proteins that require a longer time to break down. Make an effort to consume at least one item that is made up of fruits and vegetables.

12. Wine and Dessert 

Wine and dessert, as sophisticated as they can sound, do not mix well for various reasons. Alcohol causes sugar to be converted into saturated fats, which builds up in your body. The best approach to go about it is to combine wine with just vegetables.

13. Muffin and Orange Juice 

People with a sweet tooth can eat just about everything. Muffins and orange juice are popular breakfast foods that are frequently eaten together. However, the high sugar level of this breakfast snack will cause your blood sugar level to spike only to drop afterwards. Consume fibrous muffins to help avoid this from happening.

14. Meat Loaf and Mashed Potato 

Even though this is a traditional lunch or dinner choice, it is shocking that this food mixture will potentially make you feel sick. Meat and potatoes are indeed rich in calories, making it challenging for the body to process. They both have a lot of saturated fats in them. Furthermore, since it is low in fibre, it can induce constipation. 

15. Cereals and Orange Juice 

Here’s another one that deviates from the usual breakfast routine. People also eat orange juice and cereals as part of a nutritious meal. However, the starches in the cereal and the acid in the orange juice make you feel unwell for the rest of your day.

16. Citrus Fruits and Milk 

Milk takes longer to break down, and when combined with lemon or other citrus fruit, the milk coagulates. This can result in gas and heartburn. Some individuals are lactose intolerant, which implies they cannot absorb the lactose found in milk. 

17. Burger with Fries 

Yes, you read it correctly! Your whole life would seem to be a lie after reading this, but it’s true. Because of the amount of trans-fat in them, it is a very unsafe food combination that contributes significantly to your weight gain. This also contributes to cholesterol issues and a variety of heat-related illnesses.

18. Cola and Pizza 

Another combination that most fast-food restaurants sell to their customers, soda and pizza, is a poor idea for your wellbeing. Pizza contains a lot of starch and protein, which tends to slow down digestion, and cola contains a lot of sugar, which delays digestion even more. It might cause stomach aches and gas problems. 

19. Fruits and Yoghurt 

Many of you who have been led to believe that consuming fruits and yoghurt is indeed a very sensible choice, might be disappointed to learn that this is not the case. As the acid in fruits reacts with the protein in yoghurt, it not only impacts the digestive fibre but also makes it poisonous. This toxic food mixture can also cause food intolerances.

20. Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs 

Uncooked eggs and raw meat, in case you’re not aware, contain salmonella bacteria, that could trigger gastroenteritis in humans. It can also cause salmonella poisoning, which can have severe consequences for people with weakened immunity systems. Cook your meat and eggs thoroughly before eating them.

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