14 Unusual Facts About How Your Partner Affects Your Health

How Your Partner Affects Your Health

Relationships are not easy. On the one hand, a partner gives us emotional support, warmth, nurturing, and sexual satisfaction. On the other hand, we quarrel, get angry, and don’t understand each other. And a partner can also affect our health. It can be as bad as the onset of chronic back pain. Or something good, for example, we can quit bad habits and start feeling full of strength and health.

How Your Health Is Affected By Your Partner?

1- Change In Microbiome

Studies show that partners living together have an almost identical microbiome, that is, the composition of microorganisms living in the body (body and intestines). These studies have found 86% similarity in the partners’ microbiomes.

2- Can Cause Chronic Pain

This fact is not affected in any way by the degree of your partner’s love for you. Partners contribute to the development of chronic pain. A study from PLOS Medicine found that partners with depression were 19% more likely to suffer from chronic pain, weakness, and lower back pain. 

Moreover, when they part, all these signs pass. Currently, there is no explanation for this phenomenon. Perhaps lonely people simply have no time to get sick.

3- Can Make Your Insomnia Worse

Researchers from Australia’s Monash University have found that a partner can increase insomnia. Especially, the partners who fight a lot have sleeping problems. They create undue stress and pressure on the other partner, making sleep even more hectic and short.

4- Can Make You Gain Weight

Scientists at Southern Methodist University found that happy newlyweds gain weight faster than unhappy ones. Why? Happy newlyweds do not think about breaking up, and therefore they do not need to maintain their figure and increase their sex appeal. Moreover, the evening and night snacks are always tastier if you have someone to share them with.

5- Harder For Partners To Diet Than Singles

Just imagine: you and your partner go on a diet together and strive together for the ideal life and better figures. But behavioral psychology research suggests that when couples try to diet together, one is sure to succeed and the other to fall behind. A laggard person is more likely to lose confidence and give up on purpose.

6- Together You Can Quit Bad Habits

According to research from JAMA Internal Medicine, a partner can significantly increase your chances of quitting smoking and drinking, especially if you quit at the same time. The researchers found 50% of couples were able to quit bad habits when they did it together. Once they realize the harmful effects of alcohol and smoking, they can together give up bad habits faster than singles.

7- Can Save You During A Heart Attack

People who have had bypass surgery and are married live on average 15 years longer than their single counterparts. What is the reason? The partner will definitely see that something is wrong with you, and will call an ambulance in time.

8- Can Help You Defeat Cancer

Doctors at Harvard Medical School found that married people are more likely to get better in the early stages of cancer detection. Why? It’s simple. Your spouse will most likely ask you to be more attentive to medical examinations, while single people do not look after themselves well. 

9- Can Share Your Pain

According to research published in Scientific Reports, women in healthy, happy relationships can experience a phenomenon called “interpersonal synchronization.” That is, when a woman is in pain, physical contact with her partner results in a general and synchronized heart rate, breathing pattern, and even pain levels. That is why it is so important for a woman that a man holds her hand when she gives birth.

10- Can Help You Stay Fit

Research shows that marriage can have a direct impact on fitness, but more so on men. Researchers found that if the husband met his fitness goals, the wife was 40 percent more likely to reach the goals. On the other hand, if the wife achieved her goal, then the husband was 70% more likely to achieve high results.

11- Can Reduce Your Stress Level

In general, this concerns the smell of a partner. According to a study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology, the smell of a partner, even a shirt smelling, can lead to a sharp decrease in cortisol levels. 

While this works for most people in close relationships, it is more effective for women. So the shirts scattered around in the apartment are just an attempt to reduce your stress levels through smell.

12- Immune System Degrades After Divorce

Sounds strange, but it’s true. According to an article published in Psychosomatic Medicine, divorce can weaken your immune system. It’s not that you’re more likely to get sick. It’s that you’re less likely to recover quickly. After all, no one runs to the pharmacy for medicine, does not cook your favorite meals, and bring hot tea to bed.

13- Can Literally Break Your Heart

No, we are not talking about melodramatic poetry. It’s about your health. You can actually die of a broken heart, as unexpected levels of extreme stress or grief can cause overload. For example, doctors call the condition dangerous to the heart “Takotsubo syndrome”, when a high level of adrenaline coming from the blood makes it swell.

14- Can Make You Drunk Without Wine

“Drunk with love” is not just an expression. This is absolutely true. Falling in love is the first exciting phase of a relationship, releasing high levels of oxytocin and dopamine, the happiness hormones. According to brain chemistry, the effect of falling in love is like the effect of a couple of glasses of champagne – your head spins, you have fun, and enjoy the moment. And it doesn’t matter what happens around.

Summing Up

So these were the fourteen ways your partner can affect your health. These effects can be good or bad. But if you want to live longer, enjoy good health, and get rid of bad habits, then you should find a partner soon.

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