10 Weight loss myths busted

Weight loss myths busted

We often hear things like, “Don’t lift too much weight, you’ll get manly arms” or “eating less can make you lose weight” and many more! It’s true that some people lose weight faster than the others and might eat everything and still not gain weight. Nevertheless, there are a few positive changes you can bring into their existence to make your body function more healthily and shed pounds over some time. We have abundance of wrong notions about weight loss and here we are to bust some of the most common ones.

1. Skipping meals helps you lose weight

Fact: It slows your metabolism. Many of us have this cogitation that skipping meals will make us lose weight. However, when you make this a pattern, your body goes in a survival mode. It slows down the process of digestion to retain energy. It also makes you eat more the next time as you tend to more peckish. This will make your body low on energy, crave high-sugar foods. Hence, it will lead to weight gain. The smarter choice is to eat in small quantities throughout the day. You don’t necessarily need to munch on junk, instead choose healthy snacks like foxnuts, fruits, almonds etc.

2. You can eat whatever you want if you workout

Fact: Diet can retain your body from gaining more weight, however, you need to work out to lose the weight you’ve already gained until now. Consuming junk and oily food is extremely detrimental for your body. When we devour a lot of junk, we normally tend to feel lethargic and on the contrary, when we eat right, we tend to feel motivated to exercise. It is essential to eat right as well as workout to lose weight and maintain good health. Incorporate protein and fiber rich foods in your diet and try to avoid sugar and processed food.

3. Longer Workouts are better

Fact: It is not the time that matters, but the intensity of the workout. Short 15-minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts could just be as effective as a long workout that is just not as intense. A lot of us make reasons as to why we don’t have enough time to work out, but even if you’re determined to exercise 15 minutes a day, it’s great. Beginners can also consider starting with something as simple as Zumba or Yoga to get in the habit of doing physical activity. A lot of notions also state that more sweat means a better workout. But the truth is that everyone’s body sweats differently.

4. Spot weight reduction

Fact: It’s the overall fat of your body decreases when your workout. Some want a flatter stomach while others want toned arms. We tend to be of the opinion that we can lose weight from a particular area of our body. The fat in our body is stored in the blood cells that can later be used for energy. During exercise, these fatty acids used as fuel can come from anywhere from the body and not from any targeted area.

One can focus on toning a particular part of their body, for example, abs, but when you work out, you lose fat from all over your body.

5. Drinking water helps you lose weight-

Fact: Yes, drinking water helps you lose weight. As water has no calories you replace it with the drinks you usually have that have a lot of calories in them. Having water before meals also helps you curb your appetite so you don’t end up overeating and it will make you feel fuller for longer. Water also helps to burn more calories and aids in better digestion of food. Generally, people need to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day, and people who tend to be more physically active may need to drink more water.

6. Eating fibre aids in weight loss

Fact: Yes, fibrous food items have fewer calories, keep you full for longer and also improve digestion. There are two kinds of fiber- Soluble fiber which helps in weight loss and reduction of belly fat and insoluble fiber, which helps in constipation. Soluble fiber such as oatmeal, flax seeds and Brussel sprouts also helps you curb your appetite. If you have constipation and digestion problems, you should incorporate more foods like whole wheat, potatoes and nuts in your diet.

7. Stress doesn’t lead to weight gain

Fact: Stress leads to overeating which makes your belly accumulate fat. Not only is stress harmful to our minds but also our physical health. When we stress out, we tend to overeat and munch on pretty much anything and everything we find around us. To combat this problem, instead of sitting with a whole tub of ice cream or cookies next time you’re stressed, limit the quantity of what you’re eating.

8. Eating less makes you lose weight

Fact: Eating less and eating right both are important. You cannot starve your body and expect to lose weight. It’s about limiting the quantity of everything you ingest. Instead of having a big packet of nachos all by yourself, take some out in a small bowl and stick to that. When we eat in bigger bowls we tend to devour more than our body might actually need. Instead, take a smaller plate and the serving is just right for your body. Life is too short to miss out on anything. So, eat everything you crave, but only in the right quantities.

9. Mornings are the best time to workout

Fact: There is no ideal time to work out. In fact, its the consistency that really matters. For early birds, they prefer working out in the more to kick start their day. Instead of having the pressure on you to wake up every day at 5 am, plan your fitness session whenever you feel comfortable. Put this stress on rather being consistent with your workout. Some say that working out on an empty stomach helps in reducing belly fat better. However, research says that ideally, you should keep a difference of 2 hours between your meal and workout.

10. Bananas make you fat

Fact: They are a great source of protein and an excellent pre-workout snack. There is absolutely no evidence that bananas make you lose or gain weight. Bananas, in fact, might have lesser calories and are more nutritious compared to all the chocolate desserts we crave and can be an excellent substitute for people who have a sweet tooth.

The bottom line

To sum it up, you cannot just manifest to lose weight by exercising. Sustaining a good diet is equally important- 70% of your weight loss journey depends upon kind off the diet you have and 30% on the workout. Be consistent even if you workout 15 minutes a day as doing it right is essential rather than doing it for longer. Religiously stick to a protein and fiber-rich diet and make sure to eat consistently throughout the day. And lastly, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated!

Remember that nothing is possible overnight. Fitness is in fact, a way of life.

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