10 Foods You Must Include in Your Meal to Quickly Gain Weight

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Life is a Journey. We all have a destination in life. We all have some goals to achieve that we want to achieve as quickly as we want. But do we know the right path to attain the goals? 

And, it becomes very crucial, when it comes to our health. We shouldn’t be too quick to get the results, rather we should cross the process. 

Losing or gaining weight is a big issue. How to maintain a healthy body with a healthy diet in order to gain or lose weight? In this article, I have tried to address these questions with proper research and articles from different sources. But let us first understand the importance and effect of diet on one’s weight.

How diet plays an important role in gaining weight

Diet is the most important aspect of gaining weight. A proper diet can help you gain weight, whereas a wrong diet can cause you to gain weight. This article talks about the most important diet habits that can help you gain weight. 

Gaining weight is certainly not an easy task. You need to be careful about what you eat and make sure that you exercise regularly. But one should not be desperate to gain weight. One should take it slowly and gradually increase weight. Here we will deal with the diet plan one should follow to gain weight.

Gaining weight is a major problem for a lot of people. A lot of people eat a lot and try to burn a certain number of calories through exercise, only to find that they are not gaining any weight. They also have a hard time finding a diet that can help them increase their weight. In order to gain weight, a lot of people will try to consume a lot of food at one time, which is not a healthy way to gain weight. This blog will show you how you can gain weight the right way.

Gaining weight is an integral part of a person’s life. It’s not just about being fit but also about being healthy. If a person is overweight, they tend to have a lot of health issues that can’t be neglected at any cost. 

If you are trying to gain weight in the initial stages, then there are quite a few things that you need to do. If you want to gain weight, you must eat a lot of calories and macros. Calories intake is the most important thing which you need to control if you are going to gain weight. 

Now let us discuss deeply all the possible types of nutrients that you can include in your daily meal in order to gain weight and become fit. Here we are going to talk about 8 different nutrients for food groups that you can enjoy in your meals with a weight gain strategy.

10 foods to gain weight quickly and easily

1. Protein shakes

A protein shake is a great way to help a person in gaining weight easily and efficiently. Nutritionists advise people to take Protein shakes after workouts to build muscles and gain weight. However, it is also recommended not to go for pre-made Protein shakes available in the market as these shakes often contain extra sugar and other added stuff that should be avoided. 

You can prepare your healthy protein shake with the extra goodness of whichever food you like. There are several options that we can prefer according to your taste. Some of your go-to list of Protein shakes are- 

  • Peanut butter shake
  • Chocolate banana nut shake
  • Vanilla berry shake
  • Chocolate hazelnut shake
  • Caramel apple shake
  • Vanilla blueberry shake
  • Pineapple avocado shake

2. Rice

Rice is the cheapest and best source of carbohydrates which contributes a lot to weight gaining. If you are someone who truly wants to gain weight then you must include rice in your meals. 

Rice is a staple diet that contains a high amount of carbs that helps you to gain weight. Just eating one cup of cooked white rice can give you approximately 200 calories and 40 grams of carbs and a little fat. Rice is a calorie-dense food that means you can easily get a high amount of carbs and calories from a little amount of rice that ultimately helps you to eat more food and does gain more weight easily. 

And the interesting thing is that it is not only beneficial but also tasty to consume. We can prepare different types of rice mixed with vegetables, curries, and meats. While having a delicious diet including rice you are gaining weight quickly.

3. Red meat

Red meats are considered to be the best muscle-building foods for people who are trying to get fit and add some pounds of muscle to them. Red meats contain leucine that is the key to the production of amino acids which stimulates muscle protein synthesis and adds new muscle tissues to your body. 

The benefits of red meat are not just limited here, it contains several other nutrients that are best for muscle building. It also contains dietary creatine which is the world’s best muscle-building supplement that is taken by athletes and people who need to gain weight. 

Although it is recommended to take fattier meat cuts than leaner cuts which provide more calories helping you to gain weight quickly. But both clean and fatty meats can provide you with surplus protein but fatty meat can provide you with more calories which can help you to gain weight. 

4. Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals. It provides you with a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fats at the same time. People must include milk when it comes to gaining weight and building muscle efficiently. 

For people who are trying to add more muscle, milk can be an excellent source for providing protein that provides both casein and whey proteins. 

Research has found that milk with whey and casein combined can help you gain greater mass than other protein sources or protein shakes. You can also consume milk in the form of smoothies with added flavors and fruits that are truly delicious. 

5. Nuts and nut butter

Nuts are a very calorie-dense food and are a perfect choice if you are looking to gain weight. You will be surprised to know that taking one handful of raw almonds can provide you with 170 calories, 6 grams of protein, 15 grams of healthy fats, and 4 grams of fiber. If you want to gain weight efficiently then nuts can prove to be an amazing source for adding hundreds of calories per day. 

Similarly, nut butter is also a great source of protein and cal that help you to gain weight quickly. You can simply go for any nut butter or the famous ones including peanut butter and almond butter that are easily available in the market. These butter are not only good for weight gain but also are a great way to make your snacks delicious by adding a tablespoon of it into dishes such as smoothies and yogurts and turning them into a highly nutritious food in no time.

6. Whole-grain cereals

Whole grain cereals are an excellent source of carbs and calories that provide you with enough nutrients to gain weight and build muscles. These cereals also contain beneficial nutrients such as fiber and healthy antioxidants. Try to include enough whole grains in your meals such as oats, granola, multigrain, wheat, etc. 

7. Eggs

Eating each egg can provide you with 74 calories at a time. Eggs are considered the healthiest muscle-building food. It contains a great combination of high-quality proteins and healthy fats. If you are a person who is looking to gain weight quickly then you can eat 3 eggs per day on average after a workout. You can cook eggs in many ways including boiling, poaching, frying, baking, and scrambling. 

You can also prepare an omelet that is everyone’s favorite and add it with meats, veggies, and cheese to get an extra amount of calories through your meal. 

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is another healthy and convenient way to get a mixture of protein carbs and fats. It always serves as a combo with numerous foods and can turn a boring snack into a healthy weight-gaining dish. 6 ounces of full-fat yogurt can provide you with 165 calories and 15 grams of proteins without even including your meal. Also try to avoid yogurts with added sugars thickness, or preservatives. 

9. Cheese

Cheese is the tastiest way to gain weight! Yes, who doesn’t like cheese? You can incorporate cheese in most of your dishes and snacks to turn it into a weight gaining recipe. From the different varieties of cheeses, you can choose your favorite and add it to your meal plan to quickly add hundreds of extra calories.

10. Foods containing starch

Naturally available foods that contain starch are a very easy and cost-effective way to add extra calories to your meal that helps in gaining weight quickly. Some foods that you can include in your meals are-

  • Potato
  • Oats
  • Corns
  • Buckwheat
  • Quinoa
  • Sweet potato
  • Winter root vegetables
  • Beans and legumes

These foods not only provide you with cars but also important nutrients and fiber including resistant starch which can help you Naresh your gut bacteria. These are cheap ways that anyone can afford to gain weight and build muscle.

The takeaway

One can only gain weight through consistently eating more calories than you are burning with your all-day activities and workouts. It is a must that workouts should be done while your weight gain process in order to add muscles and not fats. You can incorporate these foods into your meal plans or can even consume them individually. Remember that the idea is to stay fit and gain weight. 

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