Forza Horizon 5 Trailer Release: What We Know So Far?

Forza Horizon 5

Overnight E3 kicked off for 2021 and Xbox, with the newly acquired Bethesda, showcased 30 games, 27 of which will be on Xbox Game Pass. While all players have their own favorites, the trailer for the much awaited fifth installment of the beloved Forza Horizon franchise, was the highlight. While not quite as cinematic and bombastic as the trailer for Forza Horizon 4, the trailer for Forza Horizon 5 was exceptionally good on its own. The game looks visually stunning, and that’s absolutely not debatable. Playground Games have regaled gamers with some of the most beautiful looking games of all time with all the editions of Forza Horizon so far and Forza Horizon 5 upped the ante even more. A lot of the competing developers must be yearning for the secret behind such beautiful looking games so that they can also extract a lot out of their hardware. While you will still have to wait for a few months to get your hands on the game, let’s find out what we know so far. But before you start reading any further, have a look at the breathtaking trailer. Read more about Forza Horizon 5

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