Top Nine Forex Trading Strategies


Forex trading strategies are at the core of every successful Forex trading. You need to pick up the right one to increase your profits. Let’s see what the most effective trading strategies to implement in Forex trading are.

1. Day Trading

The principle of day trading is to perform many small trades in a single day and close positions before the end of the trading session. Therefore, it is by accumulating a large number of small gains that this mode of investment pays off.

To be successful with your day trading strategy, you will need to use leverage which also increases risk. You need to know how to cut your losses at the right time so that the total of your gains exceeds the losses.

 2. The Carry Trade

The Carry Trade method is reserved for a more informed public since it is a little more complicated. This time it consists of using the difference in the interest rates of the currencies between them to carry out a profitable operation without considering changes in the market.

 In practice, this amounts to buying a currency with a low-interest rate and reselling it for a currency with a higher interest rate.

 Before embarking on this trading strategy, you must, therefore, identify currencies with strong and low-interest rates. Still, you must also consider the amount of the spread practised by your broker so that this one does not swallow up your gains.

 3. Range Trading Strategy

 When it comes to range trading strategy, you need to identify support and resistance points. The traders usually place orders near these critical levels. Range trading works well on the market with a little volatility. When using this strategy, analytical tools are indispensable. Duration of a trade is not limited since this strategy works well for any timeframe.

  4. Swing Trading

 The Swing Trading strategy is also an attractive investment method for online traders with a less complex analysis method than other strategies. It is above all necessary to know how to spot the most reliable trends on the market. Then you should take a position in the direction of that trend as quickly as possible and close your positions when it starts to weaken.

5. Position Trading

 Position trading focuses on fundamental analysis of the market. Smaller market fluctuations are not important for this strategy. The broader picture is important since the position is taken over a long period, week, month and sometimes years. To make a better forecast and to profit from this strategy you need to understand the mechanisms of the economic factors and their interdependence

 6. Forex Scalping Strategy

The Forex Scalping strategy is similar in every way to that of Day Trading, except that it is not mandatory to close all your positions at the end of the day.

But the general principle remains the same since it is reduced to making very short trades in the direction of the trend and taking minimal but numerous gains. Here, the amount of your investment must be sufficient to ensure your earnings.

7. Trend Trading Strategy

This is the strategy suitable for inexperienced and seasoned traders since it is very simple and includes exploiting a market’s momentum to yield positive returns. Trades usually take place over the medium time horizon.

8. Price Action Trading

Price action strategy comprises the observation of historical prices to prepare a technical trading strategy. It can be implemented as a stand-alone method. Also can also take place in conjunction with specific indicators. Traders rarely use the fundamental analysis here. Price trading can be used over various periods, and this ability makes this strategy appreciated by many Forex traders.

 9. Transition Strategy

This Forex trading strategy’s main idea is to start trading on a lower time frame, especially if you are near the resistance point. If the market goes in your favour, just increase the target profit. Simply put, with transition trading you wait for the wave to catch.

In conclusion

We have outlined nine types of strategies that will help you increase the profits on the Forex market. Not all forex strategies are easy to adopt. That’s why when picking up the strategy, it is advisable to compare how much time it requires and measure the risk-reward ratio. For every trading style, there is an appropriate strategy. So match the strategy according to your trading personality to get the maximum of your trading positions.

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