The Most Fun (and profitable) Small Businesses You Could Start

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Business doesn’t have to be serious and boring all the time. There are some businesses that you can run and still have fun while running them. These businesses are also profitable, so you get to make a lot of money while having fun. 

Some of these businesses are quite expensive to start and may require small business loans to fund. But as you continue to have fun improving the business, you’ll repay the loan in no time. 

Here are the most fun and profitable small businesses that you can start:

Photo studio

Opening a photo studio is a sure way to make money while enjoying your photography hobby. You get to take exquisite pictures of models and other people in your photo studio. You can also cover weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other fun events. You have fun, eat good food and enjoy music at these events while also making money. You get to showcase your creativity for others to see.       


If you love the idea of offering good drinks to people and entertaining them with upbeat music, you can open a bar. You could also make the bar a sports bar or a themed bar. Add your unique touch to the bar, treat your customers right, and you’ll have them become regulars at your bar.

Resort center

Resort centers are cool, relaxing centers for tourists and other places that want a soothing, calm place to relax away from the regular rush and noise of life. If the idea sounds good to you, you can consider opening a resort center. Do your research well and find out what people in your location will like to see in a resort center.     

Tourist company

Tourist companies specialize in creating and running packages for tourists. They work on travel itineraries, flight arrangements, accommodation arrangements, entertainment arrangements, local liaison, discount hunting, and more. If you love traveling and tourism, you should consider opening your own tourist company or agency. Airlines, resort centers, hotels, and other businesses you work with will give you discounts. Opening a tourist company is one of the best ways to get these great discounts.         

A bowling alley

Bowling alleys are profitable businesses, especially on weekends and during the holiday season. It’s enjoyable to watch people try out their bowling skills in your place while you run it and manage it. But bowling alleys are quite expensive to construct and open. Small business loans can help you with the funding you need to open your bowling park.   

A trampoline park

If you can find the space to do so and the resources, a trampoline park is a good profitable business to open. You can also make money from gymnasts using your trampolines to train, apart from regular fun-seekers that want to have fun in your trampoline park. It’s so fun to watch people enjoying themselves having wild fun in your park while you rake in money from them.      

A nightclub

If you are a huge fan of the nightlife and feel like you know what it takes to make a club fun, you can consider opening a nightclub. Nightclubs could be expensive to open since you have to consider the location in a prime center, the cost of drinks, security, furniture, DJs, and staff like hype men, servers, waitresses, and more. If you don’t have the money to start this business, you can obtain small business loans to help you out. 

An ice-cream parlor

If you love creating and serving beautiful, yummy, ice-cream, you can consider opening an ice-cream parlor. You get to make money while making kids and adults happy with your ice-cream creations. If you don’t have enough funds to open an ice-cream parlor, you can obtain small business loans to help you fund the business. You could also start with a small ice-cream truck before getting a loan to fund your ice-cream parlor.    

Restaurant review website

If you love checking out new food and restaurants, you should consider opening a restaurant review site. Incorporate social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you’ll get a lot of traffic to your website. You’ll begin to make money via ads, and Michelin-starred restaurants will begin inviting you to review their websites.        

A book editing company

Do you love reading? Do you have good editing skills with a good eye for details? You can start an editing company where you employ other editors too and oversee them. You get to read various awesome book projects while making them better. You also get to enjoy literature gems before other people.  


These are the most fun businesses that you can start. You must also understand that no matter how fun these businesses sound like, they require a lot of hard work and business acumen to run successfully. But if you put in the work, you’ll have no problem making the business succeed while having fun doing so.    

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