Robinhood: How Does it Make Money?

how does robinhood make money

As technology has progressed, the finance sector has also benefited from it. A lot of great investment apps have got millennial investors fawning for them. And with the accessibility of online and app-trading increasing among young investors, the future definitely points towards even more increased usage of investment apps among all kinds of investors. One of the most popular investment apps today, Robinhood has almost doubled the number of its users in just a year. Robinhood is extremely popular among its users because of its commission free model. Robinhood is wonderful for people who want a cheap and convenient investment tool on their mobile devices. However, if Robinhood doesn’t charge any commission, how does it make any money? Well, you were wondering about that, this post is going to answer your question. Let’s get started and find out How does Robinhood make money? 

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