Read This Before You Regret Buying Something!

When it comes to shopping online, or for something that may or may not work (like a bottle of skin care) it’s certainly a lot like gambling.
I know at least 10 people with shoes that don’t fit because they bought it online, and a few others with creams and cleansers that they can’t use because it irritated their skin.
In this world of fast-paced marketing and instant comfort, it’s best to not fall into a giant trap by following these easy steps:

1. Research For 10 Minutes Online:

There are thousands of bloggers or reviewers online, who put these products to the test. Finding the right person is the only catch. For example, if what you are interested in buying are shoes, then look for someone who has mentioned the same shoe size as yours. Or, if you want to buy makeup/skincare, look for someone who has your skin type (dry/oily/combination skin) or skin tone (according to your ethnicity, which is helpful with apparel selection, or “warm tone/neutral tone” for choosing makeup or shades).
Keep in mind that a lot of people might be paid by companies to give positive reviews. Choosing the right reviewer includes finding some honest piece of advice, even if it is negative and diminishes your interest towards the product.
Find reviews on Google, Instagram (type #, then * product name * or #* product review *) or e-retailers like Amazon, or even the website of the actual product. There might be reviews from customers who have worn and used the product before.

2. Ask For A Free Sample Before Purchasing:

As more and more brands are becoming conscious about customer needs, one of the things a good brand will do, is offer a free sample or a paid sample (there will be a small fee for it) so that you don’t need to commit to spending large sums of money on items that may or may not suit you. Since YOU are the one holding the money, know that it is your right as a customer to ask for a sample.

3. Buy Small:

Let’s say you want to try out new tomatoes at a shop, really close to your house. Instead of buying 10 of them, which will help you all week, buy 5 instead.
Buying in small quantities for the first time allows you to test the product out, which may take 3 or 5 repeated usages for any kind of difference to show. Then you will be able to see if the tomatoes were making the food delicious, or if they were doing just the opposite.
This practice helps you avoid wasting and splurging money on expensive products in the future.

4. Practice Mindfulness:

Yes, it can be so tempting to give in to that feeling of beating a sale before it ends. Most of the times we refuse to do the 3 things mentioned above, and impatiently purchase things without being mindful. Large companies want to trigger your quick reactions by selling you “amazing deals”. In reality, the product might be nearing its expiry date or might not be selling well enough due to its poor quality.
Stay calm, do your research and then try to get a hold of a sample before you regret wasting money on another product you liked in the beginning and wasted in the end.

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