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Canada is a country that managed to sustain economic growth, inclusive culture, and spectacular nature. No wonder people from all corners of the world are seeking to immigrate particularly there. Canada also offers multiple immigration programs, suitable for various backgrounds and goals. Reviews about Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. show a lot of satisfied clients who successfully immigrated with them. 

Below we will examine some of the most recent and popular Publicinvestments.Solutions reviews, as well as briefly describe their services and scope of assistance. We will also dive deeper into the benefits of having an EU passport as an alternative. But first, let us answer the biggest question: why consider Canada for immigration? 

Why is Canada so popular amongst immigrants? 

Canada has gained a reputation as a country that welcomes immigrants. This notion is proved by the fact that all political parties in Canada support immigration laws and no one wants to “build a wall”. A stable economy is another important factor because the labor market is thriving and it is easier to find a well-paid job for the long term. As a result, online reviews show that a great number of applicants for Canadian passports are coming from countries where they have been experiencing political unrest and economic downturns.

Registration with Public Investments Solutions allows exploring immigration programs for every particular case. Quite often, immigrants are willing to take a leap of faith, having no particular idea of where life is going to take them in a new place. Canada in this regard is one of the safest options because of its diverse culture, numerous financial opportunities, and substantial government support. 

However, future immigrants have to meet multiple criteria before becoming permanent residents of Canada. And if they apply and get rejected, they may no longer have a chance at relocation because of their previous record with the authorities. 

Public Investments Solutions’ personal experience shows that it is much easier to immigrate to Canada with an EU passport. Advantages include: 

● EU citizens can work without work permits; 

● No need to pay high Canadian taxes; 

● They can stay in Canada for up to 6 months without additional requirements; ● Using an EU passport when traveling does not affect the Canadian emigration status; ● Access to Canadian education. 

Having alternative citizenship in Europe allows you to travel freely and pay lower taxes while waiting for the permanent residence documents approval. Whereas if applying for a Canadian passport first, immigrants are excluded from such benefits. 

Can Europeans easily move to Canada? 

Specific requirements for relocation to Canada depend on a particular program that the applicant is eligible for. Public Investments Solutions reviews indicate the need to provide different documents that are relevant to immigration reasons. 

For example, when choosing Express Entry, applicants submit their information and wait to be ranked due to Canadian federal streams. Candidates with the highest scores are eligible for immigration, so it is quite risky if your score will be lower than that. 

Provincial Nominee Programs vary in eligibility criteria. Generally, candidates must prove a connection to the province. The reviews show that EU passport holders have an easier time complying with the above mentioned requirements because the status of a European Union resident ranks higher. 

H2 How does Public Investments Solutions help immigrants to get their EU passport? Public Investments Solutions offers full legal assistance in obtaining European citizenship. They provide individual immigration plans and guarantee the EU passport acquisition if the applicant follows all the requirements. 

Here is what you need to do to get an EU passport with Public Investments Solutions assistance: 

● Provide your information and documents to PIS lawyers;

● Delegate application submission; 

● Submit documents to the Ministry of Justice; 

● Take the oath and receive a citizenship certificate; 

● Proceed to receive the EU passport. 

Responsibilities of PIS lawyers include not only document submission as such but also guiding you through a simplified procedure of obtaining European citizenship. They will also provide regular feedback and keep you in the loop about the current status of the application. A lot of customer reviews mention that the whole process of receiving a second passport with Public Investments Solutions was much easier than they expected. Let us check out the latest clients’ experience. 

Public Investments Solutions reviews 

Personal experience of cooperation with Public Investments Solution highlights the value that customers get when delegating their immigration procedures. Filing official inquiries might cause major stress because the compliance criteria of governmental institutions are very strict. In a review below, a customer applied for EU citizenship to facilitate freedom of travel for business. PIS lawyers demonstrated high knowledge of the newest legislation, which ultimately facilitated the positive immigration decision. 

In the next review, a client appreciates the fact that they could fully delegate all the tedious paperwork and submission routine to Public Investments Solutions. Flexible payment options and the possibility of choosing between a few European countries are also among the significant advantages of cooperation with this company.

Overall, we have seen improved experience in communicating with PIS lawyers as opposed to filing applications individually. Reduced waiting time for receiving permanent resident 

status and easiness of processing are especially appreciated by clients of Public Investments Solutions. 


After reviewing the comments and feedback from real clients, we can see that Public Investments Solutions provides high quality legal assistance in immigration to the European Union. Moreover, a second European passport can act as a stepping stone in relocating to countries like Canada. 

Increased speed of the application processing and confidence in positive outcomes draw the attention of numerous clients. As a result, Public Investments Solutions is easy to find online, which shows its high popularity and leadership status in the immigration assistance niche.

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