A Brief Guide to Smart Financial Planning for Your Retirement Years

financial planning

You have been working hard for decades and saving money for your retirement. It is a good idea to start saving consciously, at least when retirement is only ten years away. You may take proactive steps to ensure a comfortable lifestyle and tension-free retirement days. You may examine all your income sources and make some modifications well before your targeted retirement date. According to Forbes, Americans are often lagging way behind, in terms of retirement planning. In 2019, nearly 50 percent of the households in the United States with a family head aged 55+ had hardly any retirement savings. Several retirees will not have adequate money for a comfortable life and will depend on Social Security exclusively to meet their expenses. Here are some financial planning tips for a comfortable post-retirement life.

Keep Monitoring Your Pre-Retirement Investments

Money required five to ten years into retirement could be pretty vulnerable. You may focus on avoiding unnecessary expenses and overspending. If you lose that money, it will be almost impossible to recover. Determine investments with assured returns or predictable sources of income. However, all predictable income sources imply lower returns. 

Planning for Inflation is Essential

Rising prices and inflation can adversely impact purchasing power and devalue retirement funds. While chalking out a financial plan for your retirement days, you may start with the assumption that prices will soar high.

Choose Where to Allocate Your Retirement Funds

You have to think judiciously about where to do your savings for retirement. In this context, you may know that the Federal Government provides qualified retirement plans. These plans are best for getting tax breaks. It is best to stick to these if you are looking for safe retirement funds.

Retirement accounts are two different kinds: 

Workplace Retirement Plans: Several employees or companies come up with retirement savings plans like 403(b) s, and 401(k) s for their staff. If you opt to participate in such plans, you will receive a part of each paycheck in your personal account automatically.

Individual Retirement Accounts: IRA or Individual Retirement Account is for everybody with earned income. You are eligible to open this account and may do so at most brokerages. It is imperative to automate your contributions with IRA. Remember that automated savings are the best way of staying on track. You may choose to contribute simultaneously to both IRA and workplace retirement plans.

Rely on the Advice of a Competent Financial Planning Professional/Company

It is pivotal to see a doctor to stay healthy. Similarly, you rely on advice and professional guidance from a competent financial planner or investment professional to boost your fiscal health. The experts help you manage your wealth efficiently. They are abreast of the latest developments in the economic sector and the overall market. They have all the latest tax-associated updates and sound knowledge of finance. They will help you manage investments, taxation, insurance, estate planning, and retirement planning. You may seek assistance from a trusted financial planning company with the right credentials, like the reputed Harding Financial Groupto ensure a carefree retired life.


You may follow all the above-discussed tips. Remember to pay down all your debts consistently so that you are debt-free by the time you retire. You may identify your goals for retirement savings well in advance. You may work toward achieving those goals slowly but steadily within the last ten years before retirement. Make necessary modifications such as carrying on working for longer, following better and modest lifestyle habits, and saving 10 percent of your income every month. All these proactive steps will help you head towards a carefree, financially secure, and relaxed retirement.

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