What is a Mockup in Fashion, and How Often is it Used?

Mockup in Fashion

The fashion industry is very dynamic. Things change so instantly that fashion designers need to be on their toes to bring forth the best design to lure the people. The intervention of technology has aided fashion designers immensely. The growing demand for customized products and creating tailor-made products has led to the surge of mockups in the fashion industry. To put it in simple words, fashion mockups mean a customized digital representation of the visual appearance of any product. Clothing mockups have become very popular because they are time-saving and cost-saving as well.  

Now, with the advancement of technology, there are portals where the designers can create free fashion mockups. In fact, you can also find various applications that can help you with it. The simplest way to use a mockup is to choose the apparel of your product line, choose the design that you want to create and superimpose the same on the apparel. You can easily see how the final product would be like. Now taking this technology a step ahead, there are 3D mockup tools. The 3D tools have been a breakthrough in the designing industry. It lets you create a real-life visual representation of the final product, and so you can now easily find out whether the final product is in tune with the clients’ needs or requires changes. So before working on the actual garment, everything about the design and color is sorted.  

An important point that we would like to highlight here is that mockup does not just mean customization in the fitting. For example, sometimes we need special designs to be printed on our hoodies or t-shirts. Printing designs on a plain t-shirt or hoodie that a person would like to get printed can also be called a mockup in fashion. It can be done on t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, skirts, and many apparels. Today’s generation loves to experiment with different kinds of prints and designs on their clothing. So, we can say that mockups have become more famous than any other time. 

Key benefits of mockup

Quality result– Designer who creates a fashion mockup of the clothing line will focus on reflection, light, design, shadow and skew to give a clear idea of the original product in mind leaving very little or no scope of flaw or error, thus guaranteeing a quality product. 

Saves time- As a designer, your work is to be creative and productive. Opting for the conventional methods of designing and creating a product line can take up a lot of your time and effort but that is not the case with fashion mockups. With the simple use of technology, you can test different designs and patterns on a particular piece of garment, thus giving you more time to be more creative. If you create a customized clothing line, then mockups are a great way to attract customers. You can show them how the final product will look like and ask them their recommendation, thus helping you create an outstanding design.

Besides, you can also present your product in different and unique ways like you can show the clients how a shirt would look when it’s folded or when they wear it. This will give a more creative bent to your presentation thus helping you serve your customers the best. 

Better presentation- Mockups are a great way to present your product more effectively, such that they can create a great impact on the customer. This is not only helpful for the budding designers, but it is equally useful for the established designer. Catering to the dynamics of the industry and competition in the fashion world, the designers must be on their toes. They must ensure that their customers are happy with their product; it helps them grab a strong market presence. 

Mockups for marketing– Mockups are done for promoting a product that a person would like to sell using the internet. For example, customization of different types of clothing has become extremely common nowadays, and people love buying clothes with different designs and prints on them. They even get some of the prints customized. So people who might own a business of customizing clothing and have a website of their own might put up visuals of some prints on t-shirts just to give the viewers a rough picture of how the designs would look in real life.

Mockups for fashion shows: Designers also use mockups for fashion shows. A fashion designer needs to see how their piece of art looks before a model wears it and walks down the stage. A proper mockup is done to let everybody see how their designs will look on the model. Then, a temporary clipping is done on the model before the permanent stitching is done based on the model’s figure, height, and comfort. 

Wedding outfits: Even before the wedding, one can check how their wedding attire is going to accentuate them. The wedding cloth designer can help the client see how their wedding gown or coat is going to look on them. The couples can picture their final wedding look with the help of mockup tools.  

Fashion Mockups are being increasingly used owing to their numerous benefits. They are a perfect way to design clothes and accessories to match customers’ requirements.

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