Tête-à-tête with a freelancer & entrepreneur

Professional make-up artist and entrepreneur, Tina Lakhani  is beautifying brides, one lash at a time!
Owner of Glowmiere Beauty- the first false eyelash line in India and make-up expert based in Pune, Tina feels at home the moment a vanity case is opened and an array of colours is on display for her, to choose the perfect shade of a lip liner, eye shadow or blush.

Such a unique career option… one wonders if it was a predetermined choice. Inspired by someone in the family perhaps?
But it was by chance that she got into this field, she says.
“I was sixteen when my sister suggested I enrol in a makeup course just to kill some time. She showed me a page on Facebook of a salon that was offering a professional makeup course. Little did I know then, that this was going to turn into a career! I enjoyed every bit of the learning and playing with colours & textures but it wasn’t until I started assisting my teacher, who took me around with her for photoshoots and bridals that I felt this field really made me happy.”
Since then, the make-up box is her holy grail and each bride, a special opportunity. Bridal is her main area of interest.
“Just the other day I was working with a client who gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted (these are the best kind).She wasn’t fussy at all and trusted my choices. When her whole look was complete, she told me that I had created for her, the exact same look that she had in her mind and she was delighted. This is the best feeling my work gives me.”
Apart from taking up bridal orders and party makeovers, Tina also teaches make up to anyone interested in learning it for personal use or for those who wish to make a career out of it.
“Once, I was on the phone with a student. She thanked me and said how she loves spending that extra 15 minutes doing her makeup every morning before going to work. And it wasn’t the fact that she was putting on makeup for 15 minutes every day, but that she spent that time for herself. That was so amazing to hear. It truly made my day. It is such unforgettable experiences that make me believe in my choice of career.”
When asked how she deals with the stereotypes and judgemental remarks freelancers are subjected to, Tina says that the magic words are Passion and Support.
“As a freelancer, it is very difficult to explain to some people what kind of job you have. According to them if it’s not a 9-5 job it’s not a job at all. They obviously don’t say such things directly, but you can feel the vibe that you aren’t doing enough and you aren’t going to be successful.  Anyone who is a freelancer would understand what I mean. And because I’m in this domain, I’m constantly being asked questions like ‘Why don’t you start a salon? You’ll make more money.’  Or ‘Have you thought of learning hairstyling?’ I am passionate about what I do and focused on what I like. That, I believe is the driving force behind your success.
Also, I really think no matter what field you are looking to get in to, support from family and peers is everything. Everyone says you shouldn’t care about what people say, and you shouldn’t indeed, but some people have so much negativity towards your choices, it makes you wonder if you’re doing the right thing in life.”
What about opportunities for growth in this industry?
“As a makeup artist, you always have to keep updating your skills and learn new tips and tricks. You can gain a lot by watching other makeup artists as well as from online videos and articles.”
From make-up artist to entrepreneur… what has the journey been like?
“Glowmiere Beauty is my baby! It’s a False eyelash line which I started in January 2016. It’s the first false eyelash line in India (I’ll always be proud of that) I’ve also added Beauty Sponges and Brushes since then.

I once wondered how cool it would be if there were a False eyelash line in India. The ones I was using were from the U.S and the particular style I loved was always out of stock. I went on to research about it and took one step at a time. I’ve grown up seeing my dad have his own business. I think that inspired me. I knew I always wanted to be my own boss.
It’s been a roller-coaster ride starting an online business all by myself. I honestly don’t even know how I’ve come this far. Being an entrepreneur is very different from being a freelancer but the experience that both of my jobs give me is amazing. I couldn’t have chosen a better field to be in. Beauty and makeup is totally my zone.”
Future projects, Tina?
“I definitely plan on expanding Glowmiere Beauty’s product range. It’s something I work on every day.”

As Tina gets back to cleaning her brushes, (something she does meticulously every day), she shares a message for those who wish to follow in her footsteps.
“I know it sounds cliché but NEVER GIVE UP. I understand that following your dreams can be an uphill task. Some days you don’t know where you’re headed or if it’s even going to work out. But it will, if you never give up. Just remember that there is no substitute to hard work. You have to start from the very bottom and make your way to the top. There is no success overnight, especially in the beauty industry.”

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