Tanmay Mainkar talks about photography & fashion..

Tanmay Mainkar

Photography is all about ‘observation’ and ‘creative freedom’. Having started his journey into fashion photography a few years back, Tanmay Mainkar loves to create perfect harmony between the subject’s individuality and their clothes.   

Here’s a recent conversation with the young photographer who finds social media as a game changer for him.

When was your first encounter with photography? 

It began while I was studying hotel management and at a friend’s party, I laid my hands on his first ever Canon 6D. By far, the fanciest, most impressive camera I had ever seen! I ended up shooting a couple of candids and, to my surprise, the pictures came out great. 

Why did you choose fashion photography in particular? 

I am particularly drawn to fashion photography because the challenge of finding the perfect harmony between the individuality of my subject and the clothes they are wearing, is something that truly inspires me. 

What’s the most interesting thing you find in fashion photography? 

When you browse through a fashion magazine, you’ll notice that there’s a theme that connects with the photos. These types of images grab attention as it makes the viewer focus on the narrative they’re trying to convey. Your theme doesn’t necessarily need to have a real story. Since you can’t rely on captions, you need to rely on your composition and focus on the small moments. 

How do you like to experiment with your craft? 

By always being mindful of the background while shooting. It always plays an essential role in your composition as the background would always affect the balance of your image. 

How challenging was getting a break in the industry? 

So getting into the industry wasn’t quite challenging for me personally or I may say that the industry welcomed me with open arms. Since I was always fascinated with the Indian TV shows while growing up, after becoming a photographer I started approaching actors on social media, which really worked for me. One after another, many of them started saying yes to shoot with me and that’s how this journey began for me . 

What is your inspiration? 

For me, the interplay of light and shadows is my muse. I like colors that pop when I look at them. If they stand out to me, I know they will stand out in my photographs. Background adds a stunning texture to the photograph, I feel giving someone a great image of themselves makes me thrilled. 

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