Summer Fashion Trends to Staycation in Style

Summer Fashion Trends to Staycation in Style

You take a staycation at or near your home. You might do touristy or relaxing activities on your home turf. Staycations save money, boost local economies, reduce vacation planning hassle, and eliminate air travel and other hygiene concerns. It’s no wonder why staycation popularity is booming around the world in this COVID-19 era.

If you’re staying near home, you can — and you should — still rock great summer vacation style. With some new outfits, you’ll find that vacation state of mind. And isn’t that the essential part of vacation? 

White Linen T-shirts: Plain Perfect

With comfort and dress-it-up-or-down versatility, tees are a wardrobe staple. But a white linen tee may be the ideal summer shirt. Linen doesn’t hold moisture, and its airy feel is perfect for the summer heat. Try a classic white linen T-shirt with a flowing skirt, palazzos, jeans, or almost any type of shorts. Tuck it in or leave it out. You’ll look fresh and fierce either way.

Relaxed Blouse Dresses: Easy Stylin’

Essentially a shirtdress without all the buttons, a blouse dress is simple, chic, and sexy. What more could you want from a staycation dress? Pair with sneakers for a sporty look, flat sandals for a sharp casual appearance, or heels for a night out. 

Leggings: They’re Back, Baby

Yes, leggings are acceptable for summer. Pick a breathable fabric such as cotton, and consider capri-length or split-hem detail for extra airiness. Forget light, bright summery colors; leggings are more flattering in a darker shade than your top. 

Styling possibilities with leggings are unlimited. Wear a high-waisted pair with a crop top, or layer an open blouse over a tank top to hide your belly. Because they’re form-fitting, leggings pair well with oversized shirts, or you can try a blazer over a bra top. Footwear will help you dress leggings up or down; anything from sneaks and flats to foxy heels can work. 

Straw Hats: An Old-school Lid That’s Still Stylish

Retro hats are the way to protect your pretty face this season. Bucket hats come in all types of looks for super-casual days, like feminine florals, trippy tie-dyes, sporty color blocks, and crochet. And straw hats are made in so many classic shapes; you’re likely to find one that suits. 

A beribboned boater is the perfect complement to a linen outfit, and a big floppy hat brings nostalgic charm to shorts and sandals. If you aim to ooze savoir-faire, go for a Panama hat or fedora.

Cat-eye Sunglasses: Classic Hip

You have to protect your peepers, so why not make a style statement while you do it? Cat-eye shades are one of the biggest 2021 summer fashion trends. The iconic silhouette gets updated with variations on the theme so that you can pick the version that’s best for you. Go with a funky, chunky, oversized pair or a narrow, angular, dynamic option. Find your cat-eye vibe and rock it with a one-piece bathing suit, or leggings and heels, for some old-school cool.

Summer style will make you smile. And, right there, your staycation is off to a good start! 

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