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Two decades back, the ‘body piercing’ trend much like tattoos was a new thing. Today, the trend is followed by almost everyone, from top-notch fashion models and celebrities to the most conservative faces. Undoubtedly, piercings have become hugely popular over the years and people who admire this fashion are rocking them like a pro. Well, when the talk is about body piercing, we are not referring to just that single perforation on the ear lobe or belly, but we mean every body part that can be adorned with a piercing. Although body piercing has managed to woo the masses, certain piercings have become out of fashion. To know which body piercings are ‘on-trend’ and which are no longer followed, keep reading:

Ear piercing 

The last few years have seen a spectacular rise in the ear-piercing trend. From helix and conch piercing to snug and rook perforations, the trend has become ‘personal’ favorite of many people, especially women. Today, divas love experimenting with different body piercing jewelry online to make their ears beautiful and attractive. As of now, a few ear jewelry trends that are hugely popular are:

  • High-Style Hoops: Instead of simple and fine hoops, high-style hoops are in great demand these days. Hoop earrings with pendants, asymmetrical shapes, and angular cuts are something highly on-trend.
  • Mismatched Earrings: Another popular trend that is sure to rule the coming years as well. To follow this trend, look for something like stand and stone earrings or pearl and diamond combo earrings, and so on.
  • Drop or chandelier earrings: These earrings haven’t lost their charm and are still on-trend. No matter whether they feature shells, diamonds, colorful gemstones or geometric shapes, these earrings look all-time classy.

Belly piercing 

Navel piercing is again here to make your curves look phenomenal. Although this trend is not new, it has been admired and followed by women all around the world. Whether it’s about rocking a ‘bikini’ look or having a regular day in shorts and a crop top, a beautiful belly piercing can make jaws drop. To follow this trend, consider buying the following jewelry pieces:

  • Cascading Belly rings: Cascading designs are much fashionable. Their long setting is attractive enough to draw attention in no time. 
  • Belly Rings with charms: Charms on belly rings make them quite adorable and unique.  With so many designs available in the market, you can pick your favorite shapes like a cross, penguin, heart, and so on. 
  • Gemstone Belly Ring: Gemstone belly jewelry is not only colorful but gorgeous at the same time. For women who love experimenting with colors, it can be an ideal choice. 

Nose piercing 

Nose piercing has been a very usual trend from time immemorial and women still adore it. Today, many young girls love to have a piercing on both nostrils and even in the middle of their nose. No matter what version you follow, make sure to have your hands on the nose jewelry given below:

  • Diamond Nose Rings: From a small diamond stud to a giant stylish diamond nose ring, diamond nose jewelry is loved by almost every woman. You can also combine diamonds with your favorite gemstone to make your nose piercing standout. 
  • Platinum Nose Rings: For something more luxurious, get a classy platinum nose jewelry ring.

Piercing Trends that are Out-dated!

Tongue piercing has got a bad rap. It is no longer opted as it often leads to cracked teeth and bleeding gums. However, if you love to have a piercing on your tongue, make sure that it’s properly done and you don’t use long bars. Also, here is the guide to piercing gauges and from a reputed jewelry shop. 

Genital piercings in men are also out of fashion. People don’t like to have one fearing of infections, swelling, and other risks. 

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