Top Japanese clothing brands that are making waves globally

Japanese clothing brands
Japanese clothing brands

All of us know Japan as a technology giant and for its robust infrastructure. In addition to that, the people of Japan are known for their quirky fashion. Japanese fashion is all about experimentation and it even influences fashion trends all across the globe. Once a best-kept secret, Japanese fashion is all the rage. In fact, many Japanese clothing brands have pushed the boundaries of fashion to enter the wardrobes of fashionistas and celebs. 

Japanese brands have lots in store for the shoppers including patchwork designs, unusual color combinations, layering and use of several fabrics in the design of single apparel. The brands have everything to entice fashion-savvy shoppers. If you are one of them, you should definitely follow Japanese fashion. 

The people of Japan follow many foreign brands and mold them in their own style. The country is even home to myriads of ace designers. These designers have launched their own brands that are not just enticing Japanese but are creating buzz globally. You can find both high-end as well as budget-friendly brands in Japan. If you have already inclined towards bold and eclectic Japanese fashion and yearn to embrace it, then you can shop from top Japanese clothing brands listed below. 

Comme des Garçons

Comme de Garçons belongs to Rei Kawakubo, an illustrious fashion designer who gave the theme for Met Gala 2017. He founded this brand in 1969. It is one of the most coveted and high-end fashion brands in Japan. The brand is known for its ultramodern and luxurious styles that have facilitated it to earn a cult following. Those looking for the best haute-couture clothing in Japan should go for this brand. If affordable clothing is your main focus, then you don’t need to feel disappointed at all. You can still get your hands on a Comme des Garçons piece as the brand even has an affordable collection for a shopper like you. 

United Arrows

Osamu Shigematsu laid the foundation of the brand in 1989. It is one of the top-selling Japanese clothing brands. The business model of this brand revolves around spreading Japan’s spirit and quirky fashion sense all across the globe. The brand’s outlet serves as a one-stop destination for fashionistas as they can buy apparels, beauty as well as lifestyle products manufactured under the label. If you are looking for innovative designs and elegant pieces of fashion, then you should tweak your search to United Arrows.   

Issey Miyake 

Issey Miyake is a well-known designer belonging to Japan. He is known for his futuristic sense of designing which has made him one of the most influential designers of the contemporary world. Issey is one of the first few designers who brought technology in fashion designing. He launched a brand under his own name in the year 1970 to bring his collections at disposal of people other than celebrities. The most exclusive product of this label is its iconic handbag which has geometric panels that varies just like pixels of computer game. Issey’s sense of futuristic yet comfortable design facilitated him to become the designer of personalities such as Steeve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. 


Kenzo Takada incepted his brand Kenzo in 1970. Inspired by out-of-the-box ideas of its founder, Kenzo offers bold and unabashed collections. Its designs are a rich fusion of Japanese and European fashion. With vibrant colors and vivid graphics, the apparels manufactured under the label are true statement makers. The recent collaboration of this brand with global giant H&M led to a collection of uber-trendy streetwear that has made huge waves in the fashion industry. If you are looking to make a statement with your street apparel, then you should shop from Kenzo. The tiger logo sweatshirts of the brand are a must-buy.   


Uniqlo is one of the most popular Japanese clothing brands among females. Not just in Japan, but Uniqlo is a global sensation in the world of fashion. Its popularity can be bestowed to its balanced designs and high-quality staples that are value for money. It was founded by Tadashi Yanai in the year 1949. Since then, Uniqlo has been supplying affordable staples without compromising on quality. The brand is known for its unique and innovatively-designed apparel. It has more than 900 outlets all over the world which includes regions such as the USA, Europe and Asia. At Uniqlo, you can find peppy style in casual wear, formal wear and even activewear.   


It is a popular street fashion brand of Japan. Founded by Shintuke Takizawa, this brand came into inception in the year 1994. Neighborhood has a huge line of products ranging from classic denim to savage series. This label was founded under the Japanese streetwear movement of friends and peers. Its founder, Shintuke was inclined towards the ancient motorcycle subculture which is reflected in the designs given out by the brand. He designed jackets, sweatshirts, shirting, headwear, flannels in American style with a twist of the biker gang. Recently, the brand has expanded its product line into styles including prep, military, industrial workwear of 20th century and Native American style. The exclusive product of Neighborhood is its selvedge denim, which is manufactured in stringent conditions and is intricately designed. It is customizable with distress washes. 


Evisu is a premium brand for Japanese clothing. It was incepted in the year 1991 by Hidehiko Yamane in Osaka. The brand is better recognized by its iconic logo with a seagull and its cultural fabric. Not just Japanese, but people follow Evisu globally for its selvedge denim that boasts of exceptional quality. The thing that sets Evisu apart from its competitors is that it still follows labor-intensive manufacturing practices. It offers a wide range of fashion pieces from denim jackets to jeans. 

Cecil McBee

It is one of the most sought-after Japanese clothing brands among youngsters all over the world. In fact, the brand is giving tough competition to foreign brands including Forever 21 and H&M. If you desire to wear fashion pieces similar to those don by your favorite celeb, then you should shop at Cecil McBee. In the brand’s outlets, you can find high-end fashion pieces that are one-of-its-kind. The brand also offers a special and limited collection for true fashionistas who yearn for uniqueness in their clothing. If you can afford luxury then you should choose Cecil McBee.   


Beams is a Japanese fashion label that has gained international recognition. It has more than 140 stores all over the world including regions like New York, Japan, Hong Kong, Paris and Milan. It began its operations in 1974. Since then, it has largely influenced the fashion industry. You can find casual and street styles in the collections offered by the label. Its USP is that shoppers can even buy an entire look from Beams instead of a single piece of clothing. In addition to its apparel collection, the brand also manufactures furniture, shoes, interior décor and accessories. 

 Tsumori Chisato

Named after its founder, Tsumori Chisato is a Japanese label established in 1990. Post her internship under Issey Miyake, Chisato incepted this brand with an endeavor to offer her fashion pieces to masses. The label is known for its exclusive range of luxurious staples that are adorned with embroidery, prints and intricate designs. Her sense of unusual fashion and blending of intricate designs with prints have bestowed Tsumori Chisato with several awards. This popular brand has more than 40 outlets established in vivid geographical locations such as Russia, the USA, Asia and Scandinavia.     


WEGO is one of the best Japanese clothing brands for fast fashion. At Wego, you can find an array of casual apparel designed with a hint of Harajuku style. Established first in Tokyo, this brand has over 150 outlets all over Japan. The brand is quite popular among young adults due to its eclectic and trendy clothing that is available at affordable prices. If you are looking to introduce a piece of statement maker to your wardrobe, then you can shop at Wego. You can shop from a wide range of products ranging from graphic tees to sushi socks.    

Earth Music and Ecology

If you looking to buy eco-friendly fashion, then you should be eyeing this Japanese brand. Standing by its name, the brand manufactures clothing by using natural materials. Earth Music and Ecology offers a wide range of casual wear and work wear that is uber stylish yet comfortable. Women can get their hands on flowy skirts and classy rompers. The label has also created cool collections by collaborating with brands such as Allstar bags and New Balance sneakers.     


It is one of the most popular Japanese clothing brands for menswear. It is a subsidiary label of Nepenthes which is a brainchild of Keizo Shimizu and Daiki Suzuki. The brand’s designs are largely influenced by prep style and Ivy League. If you are looking for fashion apparel that dons American military style, then you should bank on Needles. You can also find uber stylish and comfortable casual wear at Needles. This brand was started out of the passion of its founders and today, it has earned the status of most revered brands of Japan. 


Started by Hiroki Nakamura in 2000, Visvim is the most famous Japanese clothing brand for the last two decades. Before starting the operation of his brand, Nakamura worked as a designer for Burton Snowboards. He fuses technical know-how and knowledge of different cultures that he acquired through traveling in the creation of his designs. The brand is known for its range of classic and traditional clothing that is made with unique techniques. In order to create a balance between traditional and modern techniques, intricate textiles are colored with dyes made of mud, indigo and beetles; and then treated with contemporary technologies such as Gore-Tex. 


Undercover is the best Japanese brand for streetwear. Founded by Jun Takahashi, the label has been coveted by fashion-savvy shoppers for almost three decades. The out-of-the-box thinking of designer and distinctive visual perspective can be seen in his line of fashion pieces. The brand fabulously amalgamates pop culture with modern and bondage styles to create ‘punk’ streetwear.  Standing by its motto-“We make noise not clothes”, the brand manufactures bold statement-making streetwear that portrays disruption and rebellion. 

These were some of the best Japanese clothing brands, each offering its own sense of style. The attention-seekers and fashion-savvy people can choose any of these based on the basis of their interests and shopping needs. All you have to do is introduce a Japanese style in your wardrobe and be a center of everyone’s attention.   

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