I’ve a Long Way to Go & Create Value : Amit Khanna

amit khanna

Having witnessed massive changes, the past decade saw the booming growth of the photography industry.  Fashion and lifestyle photography got special love from its patrons and lifestyle trends continued to be in the news. 

Celebrity photographer Amit Khanna who recently delivered a TED talk believes that it’s an art that creates memories galore.

Here’s a recent conversation with Amit on fashion, photography & more:

You’ve been in this industry for almost a decade now. How has the journey been?

Having started working as a professional photographer in 2012, the journey has been amazing for me so far: a lot of learning and unlearning, lots of love as well as criticism (good and bad). It really feels great to make people look good and help them reach places. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, hoping to create some great art in days to come.

The first ever Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award in the category is to your credit. How does it feel?

I feel it’s a huge responsibility to keep up to that level of appreciation, but it does feel good. I’m happy for myself but not overconfident. I still have a long way to go and create value. 

What’s the unique power of photographic art as a medium?

The photographic art creates memories galore. It makes us believe that at least for a millisecond everything was perfect, also the kind of photography I do, I can say that’s a medium to represent talent to the industry as well as the audience. My aim is to ensure that every person I click is the bestest version of themselves at that moment, photographs these days are an extremely influential medium for everyone. 

How’s your TED Talk experience been? Did you feel more empowered? 

Well, it was great to speak for TED. Your thoughts reachout to so many people and your journey actually travels through many hearts and minds. It required a lot of prep as one needs to put down their talk and there are various rounds of edits. The team at TED is very particular and they actually invest a lot of time in you which is great, so they ensure you deliver. I tried to keep my talk very real and more casual yet inspirational. I feel empowered as TED is a platform which has a huge following and reaches out to many.  

What advice do you have for other TED & TEDx Speakers? 

I would just like to tell them to keep it real and honest. Though it’s not easy to put it all in words but if you preserve the end result will be truly inspiring.

How do you see photography evolving in the next few years?

I do see a lot of mediums such as DSLRs and lights impacting the photography growth largely. Use of various photo manipulation techniques and softwares impacting photographic art. However, even though we’ve had emails replacing letters in the past two decades. We still miss the lettres, hence in spite of various technological upgrades coming in we must not forget that pictures are clicked from the heart and not the equipment 

‘The Illusioner 2021’ was a rare but interesting idea. What’s the future of changing fashion? 

It was appreciated hugely and I am glad and proud of the calendar as well as happy about the team work that went in to put it together. A calendar depicting male emotions was a thought which was exciting but difficult to execute. I look at fashion becoming gendreless in years to come. I just hope it’s rather soon, I personally feel fashion or any form of art should never have a gender. We as a society must broaden our thought process.

What lies ahead on the work front?

A lot of pictures and concepts for sure. I am looking at breaking stereotypes this year and being a tiny medium of change at my workplace. Apart from photography, there’s a lot of writing and direction. 

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