How to look slimmer in a kurti

How to look slimmer in a kurti
How to look slimmer in a kurti

Indian fashion continues to set global baselines, with the kurti very highly rated. The comfortable and elegant item of clothing is very versatile and customizable. Not everyone has been able to enjoy the kurti, however, with different trends only being suited for certain body types. 

Are you interested in a kurti but do not know how it will fit? Are you looking to style up your wardrobe with a well fit kurti that will shape up your options? The right kurti is all about an ideal fit. Here are a few hacks to help you look slimmer and sharper in your kurti.

How to find the best kurti for you

If you are looking for a slimmer fit when wearing a kurti, here are a few style hacks and tricks to help you out.

Choose the right cut and style

Looking better begins with finding the right attire. It can be tough to highlight your best features in baggy and formless clothing, which means you should always consider your sizing first. Being plump should not limit your kurti options, with the versatile apparel offering great value and variety for different people. If you have a broader frame, you could consider kurtis that feature a complimentary collar cut. High collar, polo and A-line kurtis are great for plump persons, with longer and various types of flared kurtis being well suited for rectangular frames. Regardless of your body type, finding the right cut and style could help compliment your look and offer a slimmer fit. 

Find the right fabrics

Fabrics that flatter your body will work well to fit your form. If you want to look slimmer in a kurti, you should avoid any sticky fabrics and any which might balloon up. This means you could consider silk, linen and cotton, while avoiding synthetic wears. The best fabrics for a slimmer look would be crepe and georgette,. You should avoid organza, suede and Lycra kurtis for an appealing slim fit. 

Color palettes matter too

The right color will go a long way to complimenting your body. Many people will overlook the color aspect when shopping for kurtis because they look good in so many colors. This will often cause you to lose the advantage that color psychology and camouflage provide. If you have a lot of flab on your sides but want to look slimmer in your kurti, opting for certain colors over others could be one way to go. We feel black, brown, darker tones of gray, emerald and jungle green, navy blue and colors with poor reflectivity will work. You should steer clear of whites, neons and other brighter colors to conceal a bulge.

Finding fitting form and illusion prints

The devil is in the details when it comes to fashion. Minor aspects of your attire will have a significant influence on its appeal and fit, such as form and print patterns. If you are looking to appear slimmer in your kurti, you could consider illusion prints and forms that compliment you for the perfect look. Vertical stripes, half and half kurtis and flared designs will come in handy when looking to lighten up in your gear. You should generally avoid any bold prints, as well as any forms that draw the eye too much. 

Wearing your kurti right

You have to wear your Kurti right to get the most appealing results. While it can often be challenging with the many styling options available, you can follow these handy hacks to wear it right every time. For starters, a belt can be a great kurti accompaniment. If you have a pear shaped body, a thick corset belt could help while a thinner belt might be suited for a flabby midriff region.  Next, layering your kurti with a long jacket can conceal your waistline. For best results, you should consider jackets with a flattering and thin fabric.  

For people with a heavy bust, tying a bow scarf could be one way to wear the kurti. Shorter kurtis could be paired with straight cut pants for people with a heavy hip frame. If you do not feel comfortable with your thighs, you may need to consider non-flared kurtis and more appropriate legging options. Lastly, folding up your sleeves if you have thinner hands can be one way to redirect attention. You should consider these tips and more to help you wear your kurti right every time.

The best accessories

Did you know that your accessories can accentuate your look? The right accessory pairing will help you get the best out of your kurti. For women with a chubby or round face, accessories that have minimalist details would be ideal. Women who may have a heavier neck could consider pairing their kurti with a longer dangling necklace that features more detail, and stud earrings. 

Kurti trends to consider

So, what types of kurtis should you consider for a slimmer look? With the range of kurti selection options available, you should be able to find out what works best for you. The A line kurti and cowl style kurti can be a great choice for larger frames, provided you find the right hues and size for you. You could even enjoy a kurti and dhoti pairing, with the baggy pants proving very versatile and comfortable too.  The shrug style kurti and skirt style option could be two fashionable options you could consider too. Remember, you will need to wear your kurti right to enjoy any slimming down effects regardless of its styling. 

Final word

Even if you are working out, finding the right attire for your body size and shape will help you customize your wardrobe to your liking. When it comes to kurtis, understanding yourself and your style options will be key to finding an ideal match. There are many options available, which means you should be able to find a great fit with the right steps. We hope that our styling guide and kurti hacks will help you find the best fit for your need.

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