How to find inexpensive and top-notch quality beauty supplies in Australia?

Do you run a beauty salon in Australia or are planning to launch one? If so, then you can save a huge amount on beauty supplies by landing into a deal with whole beauty suppliers. Let’s find out how!

Running a salon is one of the most profitable and ever-increasing businesses in the present times. That’s because everyone yearns to look their best and for this, they turn to salons. However, you need to offer extraordinary services to customers to run a salon successfully. For this, you need to have state-of-the-art beauty equipment, top-notch quality beauty products and a highly-skilled as well as a well-trained team in your salon.

Investing in beauty supplies requires a huge amount of capital. However, you can save a considerable amount if you buy products from wholesale beauty suppliers in Australia. So, you should exploit your research skills to find the best and inexpensive beauty supplier in Australia. In this post, we’ll guide you on how you can do that. 

Beauty supplies for salon in Australia

Why you should connect with beauty suppliers? 

Finding the best equipment and beauty supplies for your salon isn’t a piece of cake. You need to invest a lot of time and money to select the best ones. Instead of roaming in the market and shopping from different stores after constant searching, it is better to place an order from a single trusted destination.

There are ample beauty salon suppliers in Australia. The process of ordering beauty salon supplies becomes effortless by doing a deal with a supplier. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most innovative and popular beauty supplies at flexible prices. The best part is that all beauty supplies are delivered at doorsteps at the desired time. 

You can order salon products and equipment offered by global or local brands of your choice. Furthermore, you can also negotiate to buy all the beauty supplies at a competitive rate. You can enter into a long-term trade with a wholesale salon supplier to make huge savings without taking many hassles as supplies would be delivered to you from time to time or as demanded. 

What are the factors to consider while selecting a beauty supplier? 

There is innumerable beauty salon suppliers in Australia thereby leaving you overwhelmed in making a choice. We have listed down some factors that you can consider to choose the company offering the best beauty supplies: 


Quality is a key aspect of beauty supplies. Since the beauty products would be directly applied to the face, hair or body of customers, so they should be of top-notch quality. The usage of products shouldn’t cause any adverse health problems.  So, it’s important to note that the beauty supplier should deliver only genuine products. When a supplier sticks to trustworthiness, you can easily weave a long-term relationship. 

Reputation of the supplier 

The reputation and good track-record of the supplier are important as these will allow you to carry out business with peace of mind. A reputable company masters the art of maintaining the peace and quality of business dealings. It ensures transparency in dealings. It guarantees your satisfaction in terms of quality and safety of products. 


A reliable firm that does not promise imaginary services, and rather sticks to the supplier capabilities is the one to rely on.  The supplier should give timely updates about the status of the order: whether the shipment is ready to ship, it is dispatched, it is in-transit or it is delivered. In addition to that, quality should be maintained both in the product and packaging. 

Highlights the latest trends 

The beauty industry is unpredictable and hit by various trends every now and then. Hence, the demands of customers keep on changing.  As a salon, you can excel if you deploy trendy products. For this, you need a beauty supplier that knows the art of bringing the latest products in stocks.  

Beauty supplies essential for every salon

Here are some of the beauty supplies that you can procure at wholesale prices from best suppliers in Australia: 

Hair products and accessories

Customers will rush to your salon if you use state-of-the-art hair styling products that are also safe-to-use. The styling equipment can be pricey when you buy them from outside. However, if you have contacts with a wholesale dealer, you can get costly equipments and products at discounted prices. You can buy shampoos, conditioners, colours, hair care products and styling products for your salon.  

You can order clarifying to volumizing shampoo, segregated shampoos for straightening and smoothing, and numerous other solutions. The sulfate-free shampoos also work fantastically well for colour-treated hair without deteriorating the shine. 

You should stock rinse-out, leave-in, hair mask and deep, and some other conditioners. You can also stock hair masks containing waxes, oils, and emulsifiers that yield glorious and silky hair. There are numerous other amazing products like luxury hair oils and serums, dry shampoo, hair mousse, hair wax/pomade, sea salt, and heat protectant spray. 

Facial makeup accessories

By stocking the latest accessories for makeup and airbrushing, you win more customers. Furthermore, it would surely be an icing on the cake if you could get best beauty supplies at low prices. A beauty supplier can deliver everything from latest brow pomades, blushers, colour correctors + concealers, eye shadow palettes, stick and liquid foundation, lashes, lips glosses, lipsticks, makeup kits, translucent powders to primer packs. 

Nail care accessories, barbering & salon equipment

To impress your customers, you should stock high-quality nail care, makeup, & salon equipment along with the trending styling tools. Each of these accessories should hail from top brands. The list includes brushes & combs, hairdryers, small appliances, clippers, trimmers, straighteners. 

Nail necessities include the basic accessories, lacquer, gel systems, nail care, manicure & pedicure accessories, soak-off gel, and tool. Spa care essentials include hair removal creams and waxes, skincare materials, and treatment formulae. 

Other salon supplies

Other salon supplies range from hair foils to mannequins. Besides, you will also procure furniture that is necessary for your salon. You can order salon chairs (including styling and shampoo chairs), shampoo bowls, salon stations, & backwash units from whole suppliers.


Top beauty supplier in Australia 

Looking for a wholesale beauty salon supplier that offers top-notch quality, state-of-the-art and popular beauty supplies and equipment? Then, you should bank on Salonquip.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Salonquip is a pioneer dealer for beauty supplies in the country. The brand is synonymous to quality. It is known for its high standards in the manufacturing and supply chain. It delivers salon supplies and furniture at wholesale prices all over Australia from Perth and Brisbane to Sydney. 

From trendy beauty supplies, sophisticated styling equipment, products for spa and body treatments to salon furniture, Salonquip delivers everything at your doorsteps.  

Furthermore, they have a responsive and proactive support team.  The service reps are available round the clock to guide you in choosing the best beauty supplies for your salon. In addition to it, some other perks of choosing Salonquip are:

  • They deliver newest beauty supplies and equipment according to the changing demands
  • The network of product distribution is comprehensive 
  • Offers safest and most secure shopping experience 
  • Availability of multiple payment  modes like online transfer and credit cards
  • Products and services are available at most competitive prices in comparison to importers and distributors 
  • The firm doesn’t sacrifice with the quality even during bulk purchase 
  • A large selection of professional salon furniture, supplies and accessories
  • High-quality craftsmanship and stringent quality control measures 
  • Timely delivery of premium products and treatments. 

Hence, buy best beauty supplies from best wholesale beauty supplier and land with a profitable deal!

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