How to Clean White Vans at Home?

One of the best feelings in the world, is rocking a pair of brand new white and shiny Vans. White Vans complement and enhance every kind of clothing ensemble you put on. Whether it’s a nice pair of perfect-fitting jeans or a slick and sexy dress, a pair of white Vans will automatically make everything more chic. Whichever style you choose, whether it’s the classic authentic style, lace-less slip-ons or stacked platform, you can only win. However, any kind of white footwear is prone to getting extremely dirty. One stray step in a puddle or a slight spill of your green smoothie, and your white and shiny Vans will lose their great looks. For that reason, most white Vans owners are always wondering, “how to clean white Vans at home”?

Now, even if you are a person who is extra careful and meticulous, your white Vans will still be prone to becoming dirty through normal wear and tear, especially if you live in a hot and dry area.

However, you don’t need to stay on your toes all the time and be worried about soiling your precious white Vans. With the tips featured in this post, you will be locked and loaded to tackle any smudge, spill or mystery stain. Here’s how you can clean white Vans at home with regular household products.

How do I clean my white Vans at home?

Before you expose your white Vans to any sort of liquid cleaning material, you need to whisk away any loose dust or dirt from the canvas fabric. Doing this will make it easier to clean. You can use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner’s round dusting brush to do this. Just run over the surface of your white Vans with it.

After dusting your white Vans up, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ½ tablespoon each of hydrogen peroxide with warm water to make a thin paste. Take an old and soft toothbrush and dip it into the mixture. The hydrogen peroxide will act like an all-fabric bleach and whiten the canvas fabric while the baking soda will help with the removal of tough stains. To rinse, use a clean wet cloth and wipe your white Vans thoroughly. Try and avoid saturating the white Vans. However, ensure that you remove all of the cleaning paste and soil.

To finish up, you can clean the rubber outsoles of your white Vans with the same mixture and then just air dry them in a cool, dry place.

Can I wash my Vans in a washing machine?

While the ideal way to clean your white Vans is by hand, sometimes you might just not have the time to do that. If you own a pair of canvas white Vans and want to clean it in a washing machine, here’s what you need to do. Warning: This is only canvas white Vans, never put your leather Vans in the washing machine. You’ll find how to clean leather Vans a little later in this post.

How to clean Vans in a washing machine?

Put your Vans inside a mesh bag so that they can keep their shape. Dump in some old towels to balance and buffer the load inside the washing machine.

Choose the softest/most delicate cycle on your washing machine (the kind used for woollen clothes). The water temperature can be cold or warm. Ensure that the spin speed is low to moderate.

Don’t put your white Vans in the dryer. To dry them after the wash, stuff the wet Vans with white paper towels, and air-dry them away from heat and sunlight.

How can I clean my leather Vans?

The first rule when it comes to cleaning your leather white Vans, is that they should only be washed by hand. Use the same recipe and technique on the leather and rubber outsole as you did with your canvas white Vans. Ensure that you don’t add hydrogen peroxide to the mixture though. Apply the mixture (baking soda + warm water) on the leather white Vans and rinse with a clean wet cloth.

To keep the leather soft, you can also apply some leather conditioner after air drying the leather white Vans.

Tips for keeping your white Vans clean:

• If your white Vans come with laces, remove them before you wash the Vans. Wash the laces separately in a mixture of soap and warm water. After air drying the shoes and laces separately, put them back on.
• Before you wear your white Vans for the first time, and after every subsequent wash, spray them with water and stain repellent spray which will help them stay cleaner for longer.
• One of the best ways to clean white Vans at home is to spot clean stains promptly with a mix of mild dish-soap and water. This makes the stains a lot easier to remove.

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