How Rihanna Disrupted the Traditional Lingerie Market

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Umbrella, Love the Way You Lie, What’s My Name, and Only Girl (In the World). These are just a portion of the songs that Robyn Rihanna Fenty is known for in the music industry. Besides being a pop star and fashion icon, Rihanna is also a successful entrepreneur with her brand, Fenty. Savage X Fenty is an unmentionable line launched in 2018 by the pop star Rihanna. It is among the few organizations that she began alongside her Fenty clothing line, Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, and Fenty Skin skincare line. This year, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty has hit one more significant achievement by raising its $115 million Series B financing round to a $1 billion valuation to help the organization’s development and further venture to retail. 

One of the financial investors who financed cash into the pop star’s brand was L Catterton, a private value firm that the design house LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) has a stake in the company. L Catterton’s interest in Savage X Fenty will help the brand secure its forthcoming retail extension just as the drawn-out advancement of the Fenty brands that emphasize skincare, beauty care products, and lingerie.


Rihanna’s Fenty image has been very fruitful since she established it in 2017. Different financial backers in the pop star’s lingerie brand incorporate Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners, Avenir Growth Capital, TriplePoint Ventures, and Sunley House Capital. A Revenue Growth Of 200% In 2019, Savage X Fenty is accounted for income development of more than 200%, while its VIP participations developed to more than 150%. Before the new subsidizing round, Rihanna held an $80 million stake in the organization.

The worldwide style industry encountered a 93 percent drop in profits in 2020. Regardless of that Rihanna has impacted the world forever as the lady to make a unique brand at LVMH and the primary individual of color at the highest point of an LVMH Maison. In 2018, her Fenty Savage line acquired around $558 million in its first entire year of activity, disrupting the lingerie area. The singer, actress, and entrepreneur, Rihanna, is well en route to turning into a pioneering force to be reckoned with in the lingerie industry. The Savage x Fenty lingerie line was dispatched in 2018 and disrupted the lingerie sector with its comprehensive styles and sizes from XL point forward. The $115M that is raised for the brand will go towards growing the Fenty brand into retail locations and making an athletic line. Sources say that Rihanna’s long-running accomplishment with the Fenty brand has put her on target to driving the worldwide lingerie market in 2025.

Brand Value and Objectives

Since the 1980s, the undergarments market has accepted a sexualized form of the past emphasis of underwear with strong trim bodices, push-up bras, and uncomfortable slips. It is the first kind of brand where the sensation is not attached to the predominant rationale of underwear selling a heteronormative thought of a sexy image established in the male look and ridiculous norms of the perfect body. During the 2010s, more modest brands re-imagined the lingerie classification by underscoring inclusivity. These brands followed the social methodology approach; like Dove, they separated themselves from brands that exploited creating instabilities through adverts exhibiting out-of-reach bodies and accepted all body shapes. Savage X Fenty is the second sort of brand, the “body good” brand, which is pointed toward promoting lingerie for the real ladies out there by promising things that fit and in which ladies will feel great. Body-positive lingerie brands countered magnificence standards by making items and promotions for every lady. This move in the direction of body image tended to ladies’ dissatisfactions of not being able to find lingerie that fit their bodies or needs. It catered to a social inconsistency on the lookout.

By the mid-2010s, two social positions existed inside the commercial center: stunner brands accentuating sexual dreams and body-positive brands underlining body acknowledgment and inclusivity. Major brands overwhelmed a portion of the overall industry, while body-positive brands developed brands like Savage X Fenty many types of lingerie in a market made out of these two kinds of brands. The brand’s guarantee was for women to feel hotness and inclusivity. They crossed over the social goals of the two sorts of brands. With the advantage of being established by the famous pop star and business person Rihanna, this social crossing-over approach lured sections intrigued by the two sorts of brands, attracting numerous clients rapidly.

Reasons that Savage X Fenty disrupted the lingerie sector

Savage X Fenty is hence an optimal brand to conceptualize and clarify the smart methodology presented in this problem of social connecting. Social connecting shuts the holes between predominant and arising issues instead of intensifying their disparities. Savage X Fenty was chosen as a case for connecting the two to a great extent because of its intense familiarity in the lingerie space.

The talk in the lingerie market was exceptionally effective in the mid-year of 2019 as Victoria Secret was ensnared in embarrassment identifying with the remarks made by previous head promoting official Ed Razek to Vogue. Ed Razek mentioned Victoria’s Secrets’ choice not to incorporate trans furthermore, hefty estimated ladies. He named Savage X Fenty and Rihanna in the article, as did different articles covering the embarrassment until his take-off in 2019. Savage X Fenty gave off an impression of being the comprehensive counter to Victoria’s Secret. To contextualize the job Savage X Fenty has in spanning the lingerie business, it is critical to inspect the development and condition of the market at the launch of the brand in May 2018.

The Body Positive brands arose as a countermovement to the predominance of Bombshell brands. The social inconsistency of these brands made a significant point for Rihanna’s brand, Savage X Fenty, to enter the market. The situating of this brand makes a kind of “social connecting” marvel, where it can interface the two brand philosophies as opposed to advance further away from the Bombshell marks on the positive momentum of the arising Body Positive brands. Rihanna’s entrance into the lingerie market was driven by her advocating of inclusivity.

 The vision of Savage X Fenty was to make a brand that let ladies choose for themselves how they needed to wear and feel in lingerie. The current Body Positive brands in the market made a pressure from the “Stunner look.” The Bombshell look was made to engage men; as ladies chose to recover the lingerie market for themselves, they made items to counter the male gaze. Rihanna was no more peculiar to men assessing her as a sex image. Indeed, after her body was considered less attractive by men when she put on weight, she still accepted her figure and what it looked like in lingerie as she openly expressed when requested to remark.


Savage X Fenty reflects Rihanna in that it spans both ideo-commonplace brands. Rather than further going amiss from the Bombshell brand, it permits integrative components of the Bombshell brands to be joined once again into the prospering counter of a Body Positive brand. The crossing over is ground-breaking, taking components of the two brands to make something in between. Savage X Fenty was brought into the world from the want to look attractive according to your preferences. This new brand does not decide in any single way how to wear underwear. It tends to be hot, agreeable, or anyplace in the middle—however, in particular, it is accessible to any lady who needs to release her inward Savage.

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