How can you drape your saree into different styles?

As women, we face challenges when it comes to deciding what to wear for different occasions. Fortunately, the saree solves such problems since it fits different body types. Many ladies all over the world love these outfits since they are both stylish and easy to wear.
Draping a saree correctly can increase your confidence since it can make you look slimmer than your actual size.The attire is experimental and fun to drape.Numerous ways are used to drape the saree to fit different occasions.
How you drape it can help you break the monotony of putting on a similar outfit every time. You can drape your saree differently every time by adding or eliminating elements so that youstand out from any other person.
Though the saree originates from India, it is globally used by all and sundry. The attire symbolizes the continuity of the Indian tradition and therefore connects Indian women to their roots. You can drape a saree differently as you emulate how celebrities do it with some creativity. Fortunately, designers from Stylecaret are here to teach you different styles used in saree draping. Enjoy!

How to Drape Saree in Different Style

Gujarati drape

This is one of the traditional styles of draping the saree. Over a long time, it has been used on heavy saree such as the banarasis and kanjeevarams. Bridal saree, as well as patola saree, adapt this style.The process of draping this style is not complicated. You first need to tuck one end of your saree to your waist then let the loose length of the saree go round your waist from your back side.
Use the pallu to make pleats and allow the pallu to flow from the back to the front side. Use pins to secure the style on your blouse. Ensure that you tuck the pleats firmly on your waist as you use pins to secure it.
One of the pleats should drape over your bust such that it covers the whole area.It is, therefore, a conservative style which is popular among Indian communities since it does not reveal a lot of skin. To make the draping style look good, you should ensure that you use it on a colorful saree that is not plain.

Lehenga saree drape

Are you petite and need a draping style that makes you appear bigger? Try wearing your favorite chiffon saree like a Lehenga. This stylehas a lot of volumes since it involves arranging different pleats over your waist and then taking the pallu the Gujarati way. It allows you to drape your saree without necessarily cutting some pieces and adds some weight to your saree.

Dhoti style saree drape

Fashion trends keep on changing, and everybody is now moving to this style of draping saree.Most fashion divas love this draping style as it is flexible and gives them the chance to wear a jacket or blazer on the saree.
The dhoti style saree drape gives sufficient room for extra movement. It is easy for you to try it even with a busy schedule.The style is also a combination of both the modern and traditional draping style.It is easy to put on and it also looks perfect for occasions such as weddings or cocktail parties.

The scarf style draping

Do you love scarfs? Feel free to wear the saree around your neck like a scarf. This style makes the saree appear as a scarf making it unique in a crowd. It looks best when you have a graphic saree. Ensure that you wear a gorgeous blouse and show off some skin to avoid covering your entire body. The pallu around the neck can achieve a fusion effect.You can also add some beautiful accessories around your arms.

Pallu saree drape

Your saree can also look different from pinning the pallu at the shoulder. You can implement this draping style by twisting the pallu as if you were twisting a rope braid to make the shoulder part unique. The secret to pulling this look is having a good blouse design since the style makes the blouse stand out.Alternatively, you can try the front pallu drape if you need to showcase your formal blouse.

Bengali style

Are you wearing a backless blouse, you need to drape your saree in the Bengali style to make your outfit look perfect. The draping style is also ideal for cotton fabrics. To achieve the style, you have to put some keys at the end of your pallu.The style features broad box pleats which give it a royal appearance.

The pleated drape

Most people use this saree draping style since it is easy and comfortable. You will find a lot of bridal saree outfits draped in this style. Heavy pleated drapes, as well as the cotton saree, are also easy to drape in this style.

The casual drape

Do you want to make your net saree appear different? You can try the casual drape using a pin to secure the pallu. You can also implement the style on a heavy saree to make it more comfortable and also give it a casual look.If you decide to drape a georgette or chiffon saree in this style, ensure you wear a zipper blouse or one that is open on the back.

Double drape

Are you confused about which saree to wear? Feel free to put on two saree outfits at once by draping them using the double drape style. The draping style requires some expertise but when done right, one may not tell that you are wearing more than a single saree.Ensure that you choose colors that make your outfit not look overdone.

Belted saree drape

Sometimes, you may not want a saree that is hanging loosely on your body. You can use a belt to drape your saree such that it gives you a fitted appeal over the waist. It is also a common trend that many actors try. Ensure that you choose a good belt that blends with your saree.

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