Blazer for Spring – The Ultimate Guide

Blazer for Spring - The Ultimate Guide

As spring approaches, so we put away our winter outfits and start to look towards spring. The cold weather is not yet gone, but the chill in the air is fading and bright, sunny mornings become the norm. With all of this comes the need for fresh spring outfits, so what does the discerning many wear in the spring? There’s plenty of choice, as with every season; you might want to get back to wearing your favorite jeans again, perhaps with a shirt or t-shirt of choice, or you may be looking at outfits for dinner parties, where a smart casual look is required.

Whatever the need, in spring, there is one item that every man should have in his wardrobe: the blazer. Always a classic, a blazer goes with just about anything from formal wear to casual, out on the town gear, and the sheer choice of blazers is very impressive, as you will see if you check this website, for example. So, what’s in for spring 2020 when it comes to men’s blazers? We think there’s something for everyone this season, which is what makes this one of the most wearable and exciting garments around.

Which Blazer to Wear?

The great thing about blazers is that they are very versatile; whether you choose to have a bespoke blazer made – it can be a very good choice and may not cost as much as you think – or get an off the peg example, the choice is yours, and there are some excellent ranges of the latter that look just as good as any. The major question you have to ask is what style of blazer are you looking to buy, and what are you going to wear it with?

One look that is very much in this spring – and indeed already this winter – is that of the tweed jacket. Tweed blazers are very stylish – think ‘country gent’ – and go with everything from a smart pair of trousers to your favourite, worn-in and stylish jeans. Add a t-shirt or a plain shirt underneath – and don’t forget a decent pair of brown brogues for maximum effect – and you have the ideal outfit for a night out with friends in smart-casual attire.

Tweed can also look good in a more formal setting, as it is a neat and tidy choice of blazer that will never look out of place. A dark tweed jacket, smart trousers, black shoes and a shirt is a good look for a semi-formal dinner party, so check it out and see what you can find.

Semi-Formal Blazer

Tweed is not for everyone, however, and you might want to go down the route of a more formal and less countrified look when it comes to choosing your blazer. This is no problem, as there are many to choose from. We recommend keeping it plain at first, as you want a garment that is versatile and can be paired with anything. However, there’s nothing wrong with patterned blazers – and there are many designs to choose from – if you want to wear one with jeans, as they can make for an interesting combination in the right colours.

For a discreet yet stylish look, choose a dark blue (like this) or grey blazer, and unless you want a military look, choose single-breasted too. This is the look that is timeless and will always be stylish, and one that can be worn anywhere you wish, whether to work or to a bar with your friends. Make sure you have a good fit across the shoulders – this is where a badly-fitting jacket or blazer will always stand out – and check out the fit at the waist, too. You’ll find many a blazer to fit your stature, not matter whether you are tall or otherwise.

Wearing a blazer is a great way of portraying a classic, stylish look while not being too formal, and this is one garment that is a must for your wardrobe. They don’t need to be expensive, but we can guarantee that your spring blazer will certainly become a favourite, being easy to wear, simple to style and suitable for all occasions. Have a look at blazers now – spring is nearly here, and you don’t want to be left behind!

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