7 Style Tips For Women to Give those Curves a Better Shape

5 Different Body Types To Look For Yours:

There is always a common question on every woman’s mind while trying on some new clothes- Whether they are looking fat or not! Well! It is not that you don’t like those curves but yet you end up cursing that extra fat on your body in a trial room. However, we all want to look great and extra in the outfit we choose.

Not only that, we all must have some favorites lying in our wardrobes which fits us so well that we always end up wearing the same dress on every special occasion. But come on, we can’t simply rely on a single outfit, right? However, one thing I want to ask you all today is that have you ever thought of picking a wrong size or wrong outfits for your body type? Yes! Choosing an outfit not according to your body type will make you look weird and will look like you have put on some extra kilos.

There are plenty of ways to make those curves look better and in defined shape. Here we are going to share Top 7 Style Tips For Women to Give those Curves a Better Shape.

5 Different Body Types To Look For Yours:

5 Different Body Types To Look For Yours:

#1. Hourglass Body Shape:

The best body type is the hourglass body shape. Yes! You will know when you will have it and so will the others. It never fails to catch all the attractions. It is generally the body type where you have everything balanced from top to bottom of your body. It has a well-defined waistline. Hence, while looking for a dress choose one that does the justice to your body.

#2. Rectangle Body Shape:

Rectangle body shape is usually a balanced body shape where you have a straight looking body shape. We mean to say the body is balanced from the shoulders to hips giving not much definition to your silhouette.

#3. Apple Body Shape:

The Apple Body Shape is that body shape that makes your upper body look heavier visually compare to the lower body part of the body. People of this body type usually tend to have broader shoulders, bigger bust line and hence they feel like weight gathers around he midriff.

#4. Pear Body Shape:

The body shape that is all about a lower body part is none other than the Pear Body Shape. Generally, this type of body has their butt and thighs bigger visually than the bust line or upper body. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, this body type is a rage at the moment. You’re lucky if you’ve naturally got a figure like this or achieved this with workouts.

#5. Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

If you are an athletic by profession, then you can understand that you have an inverted triangle body shape. You must have a broad shoulder which is broader than your hips area. In that case, you need to look out for dresses that make your arms and shoulders more enhanced.

7 Style Tips For Women to Give those Curves a Better Shape

#1. Layer it Out:

Layer it Out
Cover it up! Yes! This may sound weird but to be honest, nothing can beat the choice of layering it out. Wear shrugs or shirts and layer it out to cover the extra fat on your body that bulges out of your outfit. When you have a layer over your actual outfit, it not only adds on to a trendy touch also instantly cuts off the extras from the sides to make you look slimmer.

#2. Stripes it all the Way Baby:

One thing or tips as we are calling it, every woman on the curvy side must know. Pick clothes that are with vertical strips. Yes! Choosing outfits with vertical stripes will make your look toned and sharper automatically. But always know that it’s very important to style your stripes right.

#3. Block Colours:

Block Colours
Do you want to make yourself look leaner? Then you need to wear color-blocked outfits that will not only shape your curves well but will also hence your look efficiently. Choosing outfits of darker colors or dark shades on inside and light on the outside will make you look slimmer from the sides.

#4. Shape it Up:

Shape it up
Do you have any outfit which looks baggy and you want to throw it? Well! It is time to wear that with full confidence. How? Well! Simply put a corset on to shape it down to fit your size and body shape perfectly. You can also invest in shapewear which instantly makes your waistline look slimmer. This is always a great way to make yourself look slim and trim.

#5. Maxi is the New Sexy:

Examine your body well and see which part of your body is chubbier. If you are heavier on your lower body, then opting for a maxi skirt will do the trick for you. Nothing drastic but it creates an illusion of a slimmer body than what it actually is. Tuck in a shirt or a top and add a jacket over it to give yourself a sharper look.

#6. All Black Everything:

Black Dress
What can be safer than wearing a black outfit? Yes! It is the safest option to choose all-black over anything to flatter your curves beautifully. This will make you look slimmer and will be the chicest woman in the crowd.

#7. High on Waists:

High on Waists
Wai! Wait! High on waists don’t necessarily mean that something that is too tight on your waist. It means something that has an elasticity to hold the outfit right in that position where your curves are. So thinking about wearing a crop top but worried about the extra layers of fat? Well! Simply pair your crop top with a high waist pant and your job is done!


Knowing yourself better, knowing your body well is the only way you can solve the shopping nightmares. Yes! At least know what body type you are, that will automatically help you to choose a dress that fits you well and you won’t regret it. You may need to explore and go around things to find how what suits you better and for that know the right place to look for. Follow these above style tips and let us know in the comment section below about your experience.

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