5 Tips on How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits

While you might already have your own signature style, it’s never too late to mix things up and step out of your comfort zone. After all, one of the golden rules when it comes to fashion is that experimentation is always encouraged.

And when it comes to experimentation, colour is a great way to inject a little bit of life into an otherwise plain outfit. Ready to get started? Here are our top tips for mixing and matching outfit colours:

Remember your accessories

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We’re not just talking about jewellery and purses. As lifestyle writer Puspa Manjari mentioned in her monsoon season article , a sturdy umbrella and a good pair of rain boots will be your go-to accessories when the rain hits. Why not make them colourful? But even in the summer, pulling out a rainbow hued umbrella will make you stand out from the crowd while providing you with some stylish shade. Throw on some cute sunglasses for even more protection.

Base your look around one main piece

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If you’re looking to try something new with your clothes, it often helps to plan your outfit around a particular piece. Woman Within have a range of dresses that include monochrome maxis to patterned frocks, providing a good base for you to plan the rest of your look around. For patterned dresses, take a look at the colours that are already there. For example, you could pair a lush emerald necklace with a dress that features mostly pinks and purples. You could also go monochrome. A white cardigan looks great draped over a denim midi dress.

Take note of your skin tone

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You should be able to wear whatever you want, regardless of your skin colour. But if you’re unsure, dressing according to your skin tone can be a helpful trick. She Knows suggests that darker skin tones go well with rich jewelled tones, since the contrast between your skin and your clothes is a visually appealing look. This tip works for makeup and hair colour, too, just in case you want to coordinate your whole look.

Go (mostly) monochrome

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Dressing in a monochrome outfit is insanely stylish, and it also gives you the opportunity to mix and match different hues. Remember the colour wheel you learned in primary school? Well, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. These Mango yellow pendant earrings contrast stunningly against a purple ensemble , even if it’s as simple as some purple leggings and a t-shirt. As a more conservative alternative, you can mix your white shorts and blouse with bright pink or blue shoes.

Party up top, basics in the bottom

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When all else fails, nothing beats a good old fashioned t-shirt and jean combo. This tip is for newbies and fashionistas alike, as it’s a fail-proof getup that translates to maximum cool using minimum effort.Zara’s selection of graphic t-shirts rotate with every season, but this fashion house is known for churning out shirts with quirky slogans and stills from vintage films. No matter what kind of washes and cuts your jeans are, you’re guaranteed to look extra hip with a graphic tee and simple sandals.

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