Would definitely try my hand at underwater photography : Amit Khanna

amit khanna
amit khanna

Best known for receiving the ‘Dadasaheb Phalke Award’ in fashion photography, Amit Khanna is now back in the news for his latest calendar shoot ‘Once Upon Now’. Interestingly, it showcases some very popular TV actors and celebrities. 

Here’s a recent conversation with Amit on the calendar and his upcoming plans:

How did this concept of ‘Once Upon Now’ stuck you?

I have loved telling stories since I was a child, I wanted to convey few thoughts through my pictures hence what better than telling them through fairy tales, and adding the much needed twist to them, So I guess this is how this calendar was thought off, I had actually written this calendar almost in August it took a lot of time to bring to life. 

For the first time you have casted TikTok stars in your calendar. How did it happen?

I think social media is the inn thing, I had met Manav Chhabra at a party and thought he had a great face, later I discovered he’s a digital sensation. When I saw Aashna Hegde I thought she was extremely pretty and was delighted to shoot with them. Aashna actually looked like jasmine and Manav was extremely apt for Aladdin, they both fit seamlessly in my thought process. Also, I feel the thought of women empowerment needed a large voice to reach out considering the fan following they have my thoughts travelled to a major section of the youth.

How has the response been so far?

Well I am overwhelmed and filled with gratitude as the response has been superb. I am glad our risks paid off, without my fabulous team it wouldn’t have been possible, the styling, hair makeup team have been on their toes. 

What message do you want to give with your calendar 2020?

Though each picture has a message, I would just like to bring to one’s mind that it’s not necessary to follow thoughts and ideas which we have been told since ages, we should have a perspective, we should look at things with various dimensions and not constrain our thoughts, change is vital, jasmine can run the world, Rapunzel can be single and be happy, and red riding hood can also be the wolf. Just twist your thoughts and explore.

Any specific person you want to shoot this year?

Well I have no such plans, but would definitely try my hand at underwater photography, as well as bring new concepts on the table. But I have not kept any person in mind so far.

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