What Do Free Spins in a Casino Involve?

What Do Free Spins in a Casino Involve

Online slot games have become hugely popular as a fast, entertaining type of game of chance, but you might not realize that you can also play for free. There are several simple ways of doing this that let you start playing with no fuss.

Earn Them on a Special Game

Free spins are sometimes offered by casinos as a prize when you play a special mini-game. The Paddy Power Wonder Wheel is a good example of this, as every player gets to spin it once a day to win a prize such as free spins, free scratchcards, or funds for the live casino games. This is a short, simple process that encourages everyone to log into and play every day.

You might also be able to take part in a slot tournament to earn prizes like this. This could be a leaderboard-type challenge as explained by the Dummies site, where you need to play games or rack up wins to earn points over a certain period to climb the rankings and earn one of the prizes up for grabs.

Pick Up a Welcome Bonus

Another way to earn free spins is to get a welcome bonus when you sign up and start playing in a casino for the first time. The fact that this is a hugely competitive industry means that most casinos offer some sort of sign-up bonus to get newcomers playing with them instead of going elsewhere. It will normally get triggered when you make your first cash deposit or place your first wagers and is similar to the type of welcome bonus for forex trading, as explained on Investopedia, that we see on the Forex Bonuses website.

This sort of bonus will come with terms and conditions attached, so you need to read them to see how you can claim the spins as well as what you need to know to withdraw and the winnings you earn. For example, you might have seven days to use the all spins, or they might get released at a fixed daily rate. You could also look out for ongoing promotions that let you pick up a set of free spins when you make subsequent deposits.  

Get Free Spins as You Play

Not everyone knows that free spins are offered as a key feature in many slots. This is a type of bonus round and it’s often awarded as the most important benefit in a slot, giving you the chance to play a series of free games. The free spins are typically triggered by getting three or more of the special scatter symbols on the screen, although that may vary according to the exact rules used.

The paytable may also change on the free spins, with increased payouts or additional wild symbols added to the usual rules. All of this means that the free spins round is often the most valuable part of any slot, so it doesn’t come round very often but is very welcome when it does appear.

All of these different ways of getting free spins on a slot can help you to play more often and perhaps discover new games that you haven’t come across before now.  

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