Vix Vizion and Cradlepoint’s Technology Form Partnership to Support Responsible Gambling

Vix Vizion and Cradlepoint

Vix Vizion has selected the telecommunications company Cradlepoint as their wireless network partner to help encourage responsible gambling in South Australia. Vix Vizion is renowned for their work in facial recognition devices, powered by their Imagus technology. Their devices have been rolled out across pubs, casinos, and clubs all over South Australia.


The company recently updated Imagus’ user interface.  It is aimed to make their product easier for hospitality workers to use, even with minimal training.

Vix Vizion’s Imagus technology is powered by NetCloud, which links the facial recognition device to a router from Cradlepoint. This will allow for round-the-clock monitoring for players who have been barred from gambling for real money.

Facial recognition technology that’s already set in more than 80% of bars, clubs and casinos across South Australia is another level of protection meant to prevent high-risk gamblers from succumbing to their addictive behavior.

Facial Recognition Relies on Wireless Networks

The main purpose of Imagus will be to enforce self-exclusion and problem gambling limits on players using facial recognition. It obtains data on which players are banned from gambling from a government database, which maintains and updates the list regularly.

Because the facial recognition devices rely on an approved list of people who will be excluded from the facial recognition software, the facial recognition system will not work properly without that list.

The list changes constantly, which makes on-device face recognition is impossible. To obtain the most up-to-date information about that list, Vix Vizion requires a wireless network partner to ensure consistent wireless access to that list. Access to Cradlepoint’s router is therefore an essential component of enforcing any such bans.

Vix Vision’s Product and Channel Manager is Fraser Larcombe. According to Larcombe, the success of their facial recognition technologies depends largely on wireless networks. Cradlepoint, he said, has gained a sterling reputation for their rock-solid security and ability to create seamless links between machines from all corners of the earth.

The router from Cradlepoint is critical for ensuring that the facial recognition software is error-free. For example, if it fails to recognize someone who is banned from gambling, there is a risk that they could be served with credits even though they’re not on the approved list.

Vix Vizion’s access to Cradlepoint’s routers will allow Imagus users to initiate remote access sessions on all their devices at once, regardless of what they are or how many there are. This also helps Vix Vizion’s technicians in keeping a closer eye over everything from one central location

Smooth Rollout Imminent

Larcombe assures everyone that their pairing of these technologies will roll out smoothly. Even power losses will not dampen the efficacy of Vix Vizion’s devices, due to Cradlepoint’s routers automatically switching to 4G connectivity if it detects a power disturbance.

What this allows Vix Vizion to do is consistent, uninterrupted remote access to their devices and management teams, while still ensuring that all state regulatory requirements are accounted for completely.

The Cradlepoint APAC managing director is Gavin Wilson. He expressed his thanks to Vix Vizion for recruiting them in the fight against problem gambling.

Wilson stated that Cradlepoint is proud of being able to help problem gamblers continue on a gambling-free path. Their technology, he says, will provide continual wireless access to allow Vix Vizion’s facial recognition devices to perform the tasks of sorting out problem gamblers from other players.

Vix Vizion houses their development team in Queensland. Larcombe believes that their team’s location helps them to keep their eye on the market, and allows them to quickly address the needs of users. For Vix Vizion, it is undoubtedly an exciting time.

South Australia – Market Testing

South Australia is going to be a great test market for their Imagus technology, newly improved with Cradlepoint’s wireless systems support. For Cradlepoint’s part, they see this partnership as a boon toward their goal of becoming the foremost provider of wireless network solutions in the region.

Numerous problems with responsible gambling arise every year, but this scheme will help ensure that players are using the technology to their own advantage instead of anybody else’s.

Problem gamblers are a recurring problem in the Australian gaming scene.  A great many are helped by the support and information available at Gambling Help Online, but still more need some form of assistance. The State Government has enacted a series of measures to help, such as through education sessions for club employees.

Vix Vizion’s facial recognition technology helps keep problem gamblers away from gaming machines. With Cradlepoint ensuring that their devices are able to provide 24-hour monitoring, it should be a given that all regulatory requirements are met.

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