Varun's 'down to earth' personality is really affable: Kavea R Chavali

Anchoring has certainly gained immense popularity over the past sometime now. Kavea R Chavali who recently shared the stage with B-Town guy Varun Dhawan reveals that as an anchor it’s always challenging to extract answers from a celeb who although turn up for the event but are not in the best of mood.
Here is a recent conversation with the young anchor on her journey so far & what she’s looking forward to:

You got a chance to share the stage with Varun Dhawan, how was the experience? 

Well, the experience was absolutely fantastic & all thanks to Varun for being such a sport. He’s just himself and so it became quite easy for me to interact with him and have some energetic conversation. From talking to him about him being a digital star to understanding his opinions on trolling, I think the audience totally loved the aura that he brought to the event.

So, what’s the best thing you like about Varun as an individual?

Undoubtedly, the ease with which he carries off himself and to being such a relatable star, I feel his answers & his down to earth personality make him so likeable that it doesn’t look like he has to put a facade on to achieve that.. it’s just the way he is. 

Will I be correct in calling it one of the most remarkable moment in your career?

Well, I would put it in my list of some of the most remarkable moments and interactions instead. I have had the opportunity to interview and interact with some of the biggest names but the entire experience of chatting with Varun Dhawan on the stage comes under a very special moment of my career. Moreover, his telling me that I am doing a fab job on the stage is a compliment I truly cherish.

How challenging & fun is hosting a live event with a celeb next to you?

It’s always fun when the celeb is someone who is spontaneous and at ease and is willing to enjoy the on stage banter. Besides, it is extremely challenging to extract answers from a celebrity if he or she is on a very bad mood but had to still turn up to the event. As an anchor it is also a challenge to trust one’s instincts to ask the right questions and not catch the celebrity off guard or ask something that makes them uncomfortable. There were moments where the celebrity PR would force a question through me for an inappropriate plug in and this is where as an anchor I had to take a call if a particular question suits the celeb and the occasion as well.

What are the special effort one has to put in for that?

Homework and empathy. One has to read the right things in order to relate to a celebrity presence with the right punchline/dialogue or even a snippet from their life. At the same time an anchor should also empathize to know when to draw the line so that the questions do not embarrass the celebs but empowers their presence.

So, can we also expect you in the commentary box?

2019 is the year when I will be exploring some amazing offers and opportunities. Start my year with some exciting shows and branch out to different mediums to explore my creativity and talents. So yes, commentary and television anchoring will be added back in my list next year.

What’s the best part of anchor’s life ?

This profession is so dynamic on the stage and off the stage that it makes you live life on the fast lane in some way or the other. There’s so much travel and every new day has something new to offer. One day you are hosting a show around the banking industry, the next day it’s sports… one day it’s fashion and the very next show it may be on digital marketing.
So, you get to understand different verticals of an industry and also get to directly meet and interact with the top leaders and celebrities. From driving the content to being the voice of the show, to being the the voice of the audience, it’s an adrenaline rush to have that kind of access and responsibility.

Your New Year resolution?

I have never believed in setting a new year resolution for many years now as I love to live life one day at a time… By keeping a fixed resolution it takes away the power from me to ‘enjoy on working towards a goal’. To me success is not just about achieving an award or a milestone, it in fact tastes sweeter when you enjoy the journey towards it .

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