Valorant: a New Gaming Revolution


First Person Shooter (FPS) games are video games in which the gamer plays the game with the first-person perspective; which means the game is played under protagonist’s eye with all the gunplay and all the hand to hand combat. The first fps video game as traced so far is WOLFENSTEIN 3D (1992). However, today there are arrays of FPS games.

In today’s era, gaming has gained immense attention and people are looking forward to it even as a career. Some really good fps games known today are APEX LEGENDS, ARMA, CS-GO, CALL OF DUTY, FAR CRY, IGI. A big competition of these games is VALORANT. It is basically a Riot Games production and it was rolled out in October 2019 as Project A, with a limited access. The publishers provided a closed beta experience till April 2020, while the game was finally released on June 2 ,2020.

More about VALORANT

Valorant is team-based fps game, where 5 players compete against 5 players. The theme of game describes a destruction of future. The gamer has to play as one of the agents amongst all the agents from different countries representing their culture. In the main game, gamers are allotted to either attacking or defending side. The best part about the game is that the agents have some super abilities, and the ultimate abilities that requires charges in the main game. The game has several modes including unrated, spike rush, deathmatch, escalation and the most important, competitive.

Competitive is just same as unrated but in this mode the gamers compete for their rank. Each agent has their own different basic ability or signature ability that is used by E key as default key setups. The other abilities and most importantly guns can be purchased as using an economical system that awards the gamers on the performance of previous rounds. There are automated and semi-automated guns with sniper rifles and of course pistols with a knife. The game consists of 24 rounds (12-12 on both attacking side and defending side). the only reason why valorant is challenging in because of stand and shoot experience. 


Riot Games wanted to launch 12 agents but there were only 8 in the early access beta version of the game. In fact, 4 types of agents are assigned to usage and strategies. 

  • DUELISTS– These are self-sufficient fraggers who are expected by their team to get high frags and seek out the engagements first. Or in simple words, they are the one who pushes first among all the agents while attacking and seek for kills. There are currently 5 duels in game- 
  1. JETT  
  3. RAZE 
  4. REYNA 
  5. YORU
  • CONTROLLERS- These are agents who can slice up the opponent’s territory in game and set up their team to a victory. In other words, controllers are those agents who have to play according to teams and confuse the enemy with their ability. There are 4 controllers in game- 
  1. OMEN
  3. ASTRA
  4. VIPER
  • INITIATERS– These are the agents who challenge angles to set up their teams to high contested ground and push defenders away. Initiators are those who can blind the enemy and reveal their location from their abilities. There are currently 3 initiators in game-
  2. SKYE
  3. SOVA
  • SENTINALS- These are those agents who can hold an area and watch flanks, both on attacker and defender rounds and they are basically defense experts. There are currently 3 sentinels in game-
  1. SAGE


VALORANT currently provides 5 modes to play –

  • UNRATED – It is the standard non-ranked mode. The first team to win 13 rounds, wins the match. The attacking team has a so called bomb or spike to plant in enemy base site (defending team). If the attacking team successfully plants the spike and successfully defends it from getting defused for 45 seconds it detonates the attacking side is said to have won the round and if the defending team successfully defuse the spike within the 45 seconds or if they have successfully eliminated all the 5 attackers then the defenders are said to have won the rounds. If the score board is 12 – 12 then both the team have to play a sudden death match and if that also ends in tie they have to vote to draw or play the game. It is usually of 40-45 minutes
  • SPIKE RUSH – in this game mode the players don’t have to purchase any ability or guns all the attackers and defenders are provided with same guns and there are some power orbs which the player can pick to have better guns and ultimate ability ready. It is the mode which states valorant gameplay but just with shorter time duration it is usually of 8-12 minutes. 
  • COMPETITIVE – These matches are same as unrated but these are ranked. But to unlock competitive you need to win 10 unrated matches first. The game then introduced ‘win by two’ conditions in which player don’t have to go for sudden death round at 12-12 but alternate defending and attacking side to both the teams. The ranks for competitive are ranged as from iron to radiant, except immortal and radiant all the ranks have three tiers.
  • DEATCHMATCH- The deathmatch was introduced on August 5, 2020. 14 players all one on one for 9 minutes have one goal of scoring a total of points. The players are spawned as any one of the agents because it is just to understand valorant game play. After each kill the health pack drops which gives HP, ammunition, and armor. 
  • ESCALATION – This game mode was introduced on February 2021, it is similar to the deathmatch mode but in this you play as team and the team score allows you use new guns and different weapons. The finale of this game mode is very interesting the players have to do a melee fight with knife only and sometimes a shotgun.

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