Top 7 Modern Comedies


Good films rarely appear, and this is especially true of comedies. All of them either balance on the verge of outright folly, or do not particularly bother with the theme of the plot and play around with the first fashion trend that comes along. As a result, you chat with friends or play online real casino games instead of watching a movie. To avoid this, turn on one of these amazing comedies.

We’re the Millers

David Clark works as a small-time drug dealer, but one day he stands up for a girl in a dark alleyway and quickly loses his self-respect, his backpack, his weed and all the money he’s earned. And now he has to carry out a dangerous assignment for his boss Brad and try on the image of an ordinary family man who decides to go to Mexico for the weekend.

But Clark has never had a family, so he has to ask his stripper neighbor to “be his wife” for exactly two days. Like those two obnoxious kids hanging around David’s house to make his “family” look authentic in a huge trailer capable of holding several hundred pounds of marijuana.

Due Date

Sometimes life purposefully bumps two very different people together to teach, reward or even punish with its memorable lessons. And in the wonderful, vivid film “Due Date,” you can enjoy the consequences of such an encounter and how quickly a person’s character can change under extreme conditions.

Peter’s wife is about to give birth to her long-awaited and already beloved firstborn, but the man is now thousands of miles away from her, and he definitely won’t make it to the maternity hospital before the cherished date. So Peter will have to accept the offer of the unfamiliar and very strange Ethan to travel halfway across the country with him and try to make it in time to meet the baby.

Palm Springs

Not the most usual “Groundhog Day” is sure to interest all fans of romantic comedies. In the center of its plot is Niles, invited to the wedding of his girlfriend’s best friend. The guy is not particularly fond of formal events, but on November 9, the day of the wedding, he lays out in full, making a touching speech in front of the guests. Then he takes a walk with the bride’s older sister, enters a small cave outside of town with her, and then finds himself back in that very November 9. And so it goes until Niles realizes his mistake and corrects his own fate.

Horrible Bosses

Dale, Kurt, and Nick haven’t had much luck with their bosses. Their bosses evoke more desire to kill than to love or at least respect them. But to cross the line of the law, the friends aren’t ready yet. There is still room for a few drops in the bottomless bowl of their patience, but after that, the men are sure to take the free advice of an unfamiliar criminal and create a whole strategy to get rid of obnoxious, oppressive and intractable bosses once and for all. But will the friends be able to cross the point of no return or will they still be afraid of their own anger?

À Fond

Tom Cox works as a sought-after plastic surgeon and very rarely goes on vacation. But now his wife is nine months pregnant, and the older children miss the adventure. So Tom takes his family, his old catcher father, and proudly drives out of town in a new car with built-in cruise control. He anticipates a long and exciting drive, but on a country road, the car’s brakes fail and the auto-tuned program refuses to obey commands and slow down.


When Rusty Griswold was a boy, his parents took him to the largest amusement park in America, and now the man wants to repeat the long trip for his children. When he breaks the news to his wife and two sons, they immediately agree, so the family packs up and leaves the yard without delay. They sing songs along the way, stop occasionally for a bite to eat, and have no idea how unpredictable this vacation will become. But you have to try absolutely everything in life, even swimming in a lake with sewage pipes from all over the neighborhood.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

Tucker and Dale are just ordinary guys from the countryside, but it is they who frighten a group of city students a lot just by their appearance. The kids come to this backwoods area for an unforgettable vacation in the woods and the quiet consumption of weed. But their encounter with the surly and strange farmers will scare them so much that some students will even think of returning home. And others about fighting back against the village monsters, but competing with Tucker and Dale on their own turf won’t be easy. Especially when you consider that the guys themselves have never declared war on anyone and don’t understand why the students suddenly started dying one by one.

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